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Palia Maji Market: How To Complete Maji Market Mayhem Quest

Save the Maji Market from doom, according to Eshe, by tracking down the ice cream machine parts in the Maji Market Mayhem quest in Palia.
Palia Maji Market: How To Complete Maji Market Mayhem Quest

The lively spirit of the festivities at the Maji Market comes to a screeching halt due to the commotions from the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest. This sets off a series of events that cause Eshe to panic and exclaim that the night market has been destined to fail not without your help.

With mayhem on the doorstep, it’s up to you to save the market by aiding Delaila and Reth and putting a smile on Eshe’s face in the Maji Market Mayhem quest. Without delay, here’s how to locate the ice cream machine parts needed to save the market and complete this quest in Palia.

Palia Maji Market Mayhem Quest Objective List

The Maji Market Mayhem quest is the second quest for the limited-time event, Maji Market, which follows up the shenanigans that occurred in the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest. This time, Delaila and Reth encounter issues that could send the entire market into disarray as Eshe calls on your help to save the market from impending doom.

palia quest guide maji market event maji market mayhem ice cream machine parts chappa chase prizes store chapaa pen
There's an ice cream machine part located on the ground by the Chapaa Chase Prizes Store. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

We have detailed the quest objectives required to be completed for the Maji Market Mayhem quest and earn rewards in Palia:

  1. Talk to Delaila while she’s working her stall
  2. Ask around for help fixing Delaila’s ice cream machine
  3. Deliver the spare parts to Delaila
  4. Share the good news with Reth while he’s working his stall
  5. Locate the original ice cream machine parts
  6. Bring the parts to Reth
  7. Eat Reth’s specially made mochi
  8. Share the results of your taste test with Reth
  9. Check back in with Eshe at the market
  10. Find an item from the market that will make Eshe smile
  11. Bring the Mochi ice cream to Eshe

How To Complete The Maji Market Mayhem Quest In Palia?

To accept this quest, players must find Eshe, who can be found near the Chapaa Pen at the Maji Market when open. After sharing some dialogue, you’ll begin this quest by speaking to Delaila, who revealed that the Chapaas absconded the ice cream machine parts after the fireworks went off during the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest.

As she needs ice cream machine parts pronto, speak to Reth, who will provide you with the spare parts, and as a thank you, you will receive Delaila’s Rolled Ice Cream as a reward. The quest doesn’t end, as you’ll need to provide an update with Reth, who has found himself in quite the pickle, as the spare parts he gave you were from his fryer, which he needed to use.

palia quest guide maji market event maji market mayhem ice cream machine parts map locations
The ice cream machine parts Reth needs are found at these locations at the Maji Market. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Now facing a new dilemma, you must track down the five missing parts from Delaila’s ice cream machine scattered across the fairgrounds. But, if you wish to blaze through this scavenger hunt, we’ve provided the locations of the missing spare parts detailed below:

  • Ice Cream Machine Part #1: This machine part can be located inside the Chapaa Pen
  • Ice Cream Machine Part #2: Look to the left side at the Chappa Chase Prizes Store to find the part on the ground
  • Ice Cream Machine Part #3: At the Chappa Chase Prizes Store, look for the Chapaa Photo Stand, and behind it is where you’ll find the next part
  • Ice Cream Machine Part #4: The next machine part is seen beside Delaila’s food stall on the ground to the left
  • Ice Cream Machine Part #5: Look for a tree behind Delaila’s food stall on its right side

Once all the parts have been gathered, return to Reth, who will clean the parts and, as a surprise treat, will give you his newest creation, Mochi Ice Cream, to taste test. After sharing your thoughts on the delectable treat, find Eshe again, who still believes that the market will never succeed, which you’ll have to disprove.

You need to find something at the market that should bring a smile, and you can visit the villagers around the market, but for convenience, you must speak with Reth. Hand her Reth's Mochi Ice Cream, which she happens to like, and in doing so, saves the market and completes the quest with Renown and Gold as rewards.