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Palia Maji Market: Start & End Dates, Times, Quests, Rewards, More

Enjoy the fun entertainment, delicious food, and fireworks display in Palia's first in-game event, Maji Market, with quests and rewards to earn.
Palia Maji Market: Start & End Dates, Times, Quests, Rewards, More

Kilima Village’s nighttime skies will lighten up with fireworks as the delicious scents of food and excitement fill the village in an all-new in-game event, the Maji Market. Developer Singularity 6 announced the first event for their cozy MMO, Palia, which is arriving soon on PC with plenty of event-themed content available for a limited time.

This event is part of the game’s content roadmap in which the developer has planned several in-game events, like Maji Market, starting this August. Join your friends at the Maji Market as we detail the event schedule, including confirmed dates, how to join, and more content coming soon to Palia.

Palia Maji Market: Start & End Dates And Times

Developer Singularity 6 announced the first in-game event for their cozy MMO, Palia, called the Maji Market. As described in the official event announcement, Maji Market has been revived by Kenli and his wife, Eshe, in keeping with Palian traditions and showcasing what makes Kilima Village unique.

The Maji Market will be live in-game for one month starting on 29th August 2023 before concluding the festivities on 26th September 2023. The developer has yet to confirm the official starting and end times, for which we’ll update this event page once more details have been provided.

Palia Maji Market: How To Participate

While not available as of writing, there will be an event button from the Events page in-game, which players can use to enter the Maji Market event. But before heading to the event location, all players will receive an official invite sent to their Mailbox, which can be retrieved, and they’ll be able to participate by hitting the event button as stated before.

The Maji Market event will occur at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, east of Fisherman’s Lagoon, between 6 pm and 3 am Palian time (in-game times). Once at the event location, players can interact with Villagers and other players online while enjoying the fireworks display, delicious food, lively music, and more.

Palia Maji Market: Quests & Rewards

Players will have exclusive quests to complete and earn rewards throughout the event. Additionally, there will be fairground games for players to participate in, and likewise, they’ll earn unique event items, ranging from themed items, Gold and Renown.

palia events guide maji market how to join how to participate events page kilima village fairgrounds map location
The Maji Market event occurs at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, east of Fisherman's Lagoon. (Picture: Singularity 6)

There’s also an event-exclusive system where all players receive an event stamp card to collect as many stamps as possible. This can be achieved by playing every game and doing as many activities around the Maji Market to earn stamps and even more exciting rewards.

If you take a break from the festivities by walking around the Kilima Village Fairgrounds throughout the Maji Market event, there will be unique collectibles to acquire. These collectibles or souvenirs are unique for this event and can be found at the market stalls or hidden away from prying eyes.

Lastly, should players miss the event entirely, the developer has stated that most of the items available for this event will return to the game “sometime in the future.” Nevertheless, the developer are planning more in-game events for Palia, drawing inspiration from real-world events and celebrations with a unique Palian touch.

Palia is now available in Open Beta for PC, as players can sign up here by using the Refer-A-Friend code posted to the official Discord server to join their friends online. Palia will be coming to Nintendo Switch consoles this Holiday Season, with a date to be confirmed.