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Palia Kenyatta's Cravings Event Quest And Walkthrough

Help Kenyatta fulfill her hunger with Reth's food and find the runaway Chapaas at the Maji Market fairgrounds in this limited-time quest for Palia.
Palia Kenyatta's Cravings Event Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Nighttime in Palia has come to life as the long-standing night market, Maji Market, returns home largely thanks to the village mayor, Kenli. In keeping with this timed tradition, fellow residents hosted stalls featuring unique creatures, fun activities, and delicious food to enjoy during this event.

One villager has quite a sizable craving; however, as she’s helping her family at the Chapaa Pen, Kenyatta needs your help in her event quest, Kenyatta’s Cravings. In this firecracking event quest, we’ve detailed how to grab some grub for Kenyatta while causing some trouble along the way in Palia.

Palia Kenyatta’s Cravings Quest Objective List

The Maji Market has opened in Kilima Village as villagers have set up their stalls throughout the fairgrounds with unique items to find and delicious food to try out. However, one person is unhappy with being a part of the festivities, and it’s up to you to bring a smile and lively entertainment to Kenyatta.

palia quest guides maji market event kenyattas cravings location chapaa pen
Speak to Kenyatta after arriving at the Maji Market location to receive the Kenyatta's Cravings quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

However, she is pretty hungry as she tasks you with getting her some food at Reth’s Street Specialties food stall. To complete this quest, players are required to meet the following objectives to cheer Kenyatta up:

  1. Buy food at Reth’s stall for Kenyatta
  2. Return to Kenyatta
  3. Talk to Najuma about her experimental goods
  4. Bring Kenyatta the experimental fireworks
  5. Set off the experimental fireworks at the spot Kenyatta indicated
  6. Locate and capture the five runaway Chapaas
  7. Return the runaway Chapaas to their pen

How To Complete The Kenyatta’s Cravings Quest In Palia?

Once arriving at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds for the Maji Market, head to the Chapaa Pen to speak with Kenyatta, who’s displeased with volunteering at the market. This will trigger the start of Kenyatta’s Cravings after she asks you to purchase some food at Reth’s stall, where players have various options available, which you can use the Gold Kenyatta gave you.

With the purchase made, return to the Chapaa Pen to hand the food to Kenyatta, who then reveals that she happens to be bored and in dire need of some entertainment. To cheer her up, she asks you to inquire with Najuma about the “experimental fireworks” she crafted; she’ll give you the fireworks, which need to be set up at a marked location after speaking with Kenyatta.

palia quest guides maji market event kenyattas cravings where to find how to find runaway chapaas map locations
The runaway Chapaas can be found at these five locations through the Maji Market. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Unfortunately, this scared the five Chapaas at the pen as Kenyata pleads with you to locate all five across the fairgrounds. These Chapaas aren’t hard to find as they won’t run away from you when approached, and can be found at the following locations listed below:

  • Enkii: Located on the grassy plains slightly right to Reth’s food stall by a tree
  • Inki: Found behind the amphitheater where Hodari and Najuma are selling the fireworks
  • Naanshi: Atop a large rock south of the Chapaa Pen before the docking area
  • Neena: South from the Chapaa Pen along the trail before the docking area
  • Nergaal: This little critter can be seen on a large rock atop a platform above Reth’s food stall

Return all the Chapaas located and captured to the Chapaa Pen, where Kenyatta is located, before speaking to her one last time. Once the dialogue has finished, this will conclude the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest, and you’ll receive 1,000 Gold, 15 Renown, improve your Relationship with Kenyatta, and collect the Kenyatta’s Cravings Stamp Card, which you’ll receive the Chapaa Hut Fun Guy Plush as a reward.