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Is There Multiplayer Available In Palia?

Players who want to play with friends in Palia can learn whether the game has multiplayer available at launch and join their friends in-game.
Is There Multiplayer Available In Palia?

Singularity 6's cozy MMO, Palia, will feature many social features letting players join and play with friends and other players to participate in various in-game activities. As it's also been marketed as a community sim, playing with your friends online is a primary aspect of the game's social features.

If you want to get started in Kilima Village, especially with your friends online, many have wondered if multiplayer will be enabled in-game. Here's what you must know about Palia's multiplayer mode to help you join your friends online.

Does Palia Have A Multiplayer Option Available?

As of writing, Palia won't have support for multiplayer at launch; however, it's a component that the game's developer, Singularity 6, is working on. While they have stated that it's an area they're still working on, players can play together in-game in other ways until a multiplayer mode is eventually added to Palia.

palia mechanics guide multiplayer mode play together friends online players party guilds clan
Palia won't enable multiplayer, but there are other ways to play with friends in-game. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This was detailed in a support FAQ page, as the developer has stated that for the time being, you can play together with friends by inviting them to join you in the game. The developer said how players can play with each other in-game and when players can expect multiplayer coming to Palia:

We are still exploring ways of networking before entering the game with your character - at the moment, the easiest way is to either become friends (you can search for them even if you're not in the same area) or join a party together, after which you will have manual controls to ensure playing together.

How players can join and play together is achieved through the Refer-A-Friend program, where you can send or receive referral links which, by default, send an invite to add them as a friend and have them create accounts. In-game, you can play with your friends and participate in various activities, from fishing, mining, and hunting.

palia mechanics guide multiplayer mode play together friends online players activities fishing
You can join friends in multiple in-game activities, including fishing, and meet fellow players through guilds. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Additionally, if you join guilds, you can play alongside random players online, and you may be allowed to add them as friends. You can further your in-game progression as a solo player, but having the capability or opportunity to play with others will be seamless and less of a "headache" from beginning to end.

It's worth mentioning that while the game supports "social grouping systems" to compliment the multiple activities featured in-game, most party sizes are limited to four players due to their limited available slots. But this will change based on your Community and servers, which will host and support more players as the developer are still finalizing the official server size limit ahead of its launch.

There will be achievements or goals when playing with others in Palia in community-orientated tasks and activities to collaborate on. This will be expanded as the game continues to be worked on, as it's still in development and post-launch with more content and ideas added.