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How To Find & Solve The One Last Walk Puzzle In Palia

Relive one human's account of their final moments before disappearing from the world in the hidden puzzle quest, One Last Walk, in Palia.
How To Find & Solve The One Last Walk Puzzle In Palia
(PIcture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

So far, players have been learning about the lore and culture of Palia through its quests, but the history of the humans’ disappearance is told in the One Last Walk quest. This sad yet eerie account of one human’s final days is recorded in a series of journal entries found on tablets scattered throughout Bahari Bay.

While humans have slowly reemerged at the start of players’ in-game journey, their sudden departure remains a mystery. Grab some tissues as the One Last Walk puzzle quest will pull on heartstrings as we’ve recorded how to solve it in Palia.

How To Solve The One Last Walk Puzzle In Palia?

This specific puzzle is a Secret Quest that many can stumble across when exploring or engaging in foraging and mining farm runs in Bahari Bay. There is some lore surrounding this puzzle as it details a human's journey, emotions, and thoughts during the final moments in this region before their disappearance.

It's documented on tablets that players can find at various locations scattered across Bahari Bay; however, if they wish to follow the story, these tablets must be found chronologically. Additionally, finding them in this particular order will ensure that the following tablet will appear at its found location.

There are seven locations where these tablets can be discovered, each with a journal entry for them to read. Once reading, each entry will provide a clue as to where the following tablet is located, but it will require some sleuthing before successfully discovering them.

We've listed all seven locations where players can find the tablets scattered throughout Bahari Bay in chronological order in Palia:

  • Tablet #1: Alongside the ruins at the Flooded Steps location, moving away from the Flooded Fortress
  • Tablet #2: Head to the northeast side of Bahari Bay and locate a bridge where the tablet is hidden in the far corner
  • Tablet #3: Go inside the Ancient Aquaduct tunnel through the hole where the tablet is found across from a lamp
  • Tablet #4: Travel north from the Beachcomber Cove Fast Travel board and look for a destroyed boat near a geyser
  • Tablet #5: Inside the Pavel Mines (the Hodari entrance), drop down into the open space near the fishing spot to find the tablet beside a platform
  • Tablet #6: Between Hideawy Bluffs and Windy Ruins, find the flooded ruins and look for the tablet by a cache of supplies
  • Tablet #7: Not far from the sixth location, head up the cliffs north of Windy Ruins and look for the spot overlooking the Beachcomber Cove Fast Travel board where the final tablet and a Treasure Chest is found

After finding the tablets at the first six locations, the seventh tablet will appear at its final location with the last entry for players to read. Giving the reader their parting words, a Treasure Chest will appear beside the tablets with "supplies" they can receive as rewards.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season 2023.