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Can You Play Any Instruments In Palia

Whether it's traveling around Kilima Village as a solo bard or joining a musical troupe, will players be able to play musical instruments in Palia?
Can You Play Any Instruments In Palia

Music and audio design play a pivotal role in setting up the world of Palia and have been one of the key talking points amongst the Alpha Playtesters. During the Alpha Tests, players could enjoy the relaxing sounds in the village, the wilderness, and other surrounding locations; however, they could also play some musical instruments.

Naturally, players who've participated in previous playtests wonder whether playable musical instruments will still be included and if players can still create music in-game. We've detailed in this explainer guide if players can create and play music and acquire instruments in Palia.

Will Players Be Able To Play Instruments In Palia?

As for whether players will still be able to play any musical instruments in the upcoming Closed and Open Beta and in-game at its launch, developer Singularity 6 explained if there was a chance for them to become a traveling bard. This was explained in a support FAQ page regarding the game's sound and audio design, for which they commented stating the following:

Regarding playable instruments in Palia, we're really excited about the possibility as we think it meshes well with the vibe and experience we're trying to create. While we're aware this is a frequent request from our community, we don't have anything to announce in this regard at the time.

While this highly requested feature allows players to play musical instruments and create music in-game, the developers have yet to confirm whether it will be included in the base game at launch. But for now, they'll likely still be able to play instruments during the upcoming PC Public Beta.

How To Get Playable Instruments In Palia?

palia mehcanics guide playing music playable musical instruments how to get furnishing furniture crafting inspiration
It's unknown how to get playable instruments in-game, but it's possible to craft them by learning the Furniture skill. (Picture: Sixer GingerbreadWitch via Singularity 6)

As for acquiring playable musical instruments in-game, we cannot confirm how players will be able to get them, but it's most likely through a specific skill. Players looking to make Furniture crafting their specialty skill in Palia will likely be able to obtain blueprints for various playable musical instruments and begin crafting them.

Although it needs to be clarified whether you can place them within your home as a decoration, which may be a possibility, nevertheless, we know that if the instrument is playable, you can create music either as a traveling bard or with other players to form a musical troupe.

The upcoming PC Public Beta will start on 2nd August 2023 for the Closed Beta session and 10th August 2023 for the Open Beta. As such, we will endeavor to update this page with the latest updates and news on whether playable musical instruments will be included in Palia.