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How To Solve The Prismbeard’s Voyage Puzzle In Palia

Learn about the secret Grimalkin treasure of Prismbeard by solving the Prismbeard's Voyage puzzle and uncovering his treasure chest in Palia.
How To Solve The Prismbeard’s Voyage Puzzle In Palia
Collect Prismbeard's treasure at the location of the fourth statue. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

During your adventures in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, players will stumble across various Discovery and Found Item quests, which add to the existing in-game lore for them to enjoy. Some are relatively easy to acquire, such as the Half-Boiled and the Lost in the Wind quests; others won’t appear in the Quest tab, leaving players to independently determine how to solve the quests.

The Prismbeard’s Voyage puzzle is one of the Found Item quests, which, upon its discovery, won’t appear in your Quests tab but has a specific order to solve the puzzle. If you wish to learn more about a famed Grimalkin pirate, we’ve collected all the records on how to solve this puzzle in Palia.

Palia Prismbeard’s Voyage: How To Solve Puzzle

The Prismbeard’s Voyage puzzle is a Found Item quest players can discover while exploring Bahari Bay. This puzzle follows the recorded tales left behind by a famed Grimalkin pirate, Prismbeard, which tells the story of how this pirate came to be and the tale of the greatest treasure, a Grimalkin vault.

palia quests guide prismbeards voyage puzzle how to solve majiri statues map locations
The locations of three of the four Majiri statues where players can find Prismbeard's records in Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

To solve this puzzle, players are to find three Majiri statues throughout Bahari Bay, and after finding the third, a fourth statue will be available to find. Additionally, players can find these statues in any order, but if you wish to experience the story, it would be advised to find them in their story order.

Nevertheless, you will need the locations of the Majiri statues and what story chapters can be found at each statue. We have detailed all the locations and the story chapters to be seen to solve the Prismbeard’s Voyage puzzle in Palia:

  • Story Chapter: In Spring, Comes Summer
    • Location: Atop a cliff at Proudhorn Pass, overlooking a nearby river
  • Story Chapter: In Summer, Comes Fall
    • Location: At a cliff between Hideaway Bluffs and Windy Ruins facing north towards Pulsewater Plains
  • Story Chapter: In Fall, Comes Winter
    • Location: North from The Outskirts fast travel point, locate a collapsed wall where the statue is found behind it
  • Story Chapter: In Winter, Comes Spring
    • Location: Atop the second hill near the Flooded Steps location

Collecting the records in this order allows players to unravel the story of Prismbeard, the treasure he sought after, and its true meaning. Upon solving this enchanting puzzle, players will receive a Pirate Treasure Chest and a unique furnishing item, the Starry Sea Wallpaper decoration, to dazzle their homes to reflect the high seas Prismbeard embarked on.