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Palia Cooking Guide: Palian Onion Soup Recipe Locations

The very first meal you can cook finally happens as you stumbled across a recipe for Palian Onion Soup, so how do you find the recipe in Palia?
Palia Cooking Guide: Palian Onion Soup Recipe Locations

Consuming meals and food items contributes to sustaining your Focus Level, allowing you to earn maximum Renown when using your Skills. At first, you will be relying on the campfire to cook various grilled meals to replenish your Focus but also increase your Cooking skill level with the help of Reth, the local chef.

The Half Boiled quest could be missable for players, but if you enjoy the relaxing quality of Fishing, you may have discovered one of the torn recipe pages for Palian Onion Soup. We’ve opened the cookbook to help you learn how to find the recipe pages for this meal and how to cook it in Palia.

Where To Find The Palian Onion Soup Recipes In Palia?

palia cooking guide palian onion soup where to find recipes fishermans lagoon einar
The recipe pages for Palian Onion Soup are located at Fisherman's Lagoon near Einar's fishing stall. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

If you leisurely enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon at the docks fishing, you may discover a peculiar note resting on the ground. Should this be the case, congratulations, you have discovered a recipe for a local delicacy: Palian Onion Soup.

Although only a part has been discovered, once found, this triggers an exploration and cooking skill quest, Half Boiled, where one of the objectives is to locate the recipe pages for this hearty soup. Regardless of how and where you’ve discovered the first part, both pages are found around Fisherman’s Lagoon, the local dock area where Einar’s fishing quarters are located.

The first page is found nearby his fishing stall at Fisherman’s Lagoon, right on the steps leading to the stall and the fishing docks. The second page is nearby at the edge of this location, near a group of barrels where pages are found, and once found, complete the Half Boiled quest, and you can proceed to start cooking this meal.

How To Cook The Palian Onion Soup In Palia?

palia cooking guide palian onion soup how to cook stove cooking cooking skill level
Players must reach Cooking skill level 2 to make stove cooking available and acquire the blueprints for a stove and Prep Station to cook the Palian Onion Soup. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Naturally, one is expected to have the ingredients to make this soup before cooking, but before you start cooking, you need to level up your Cooking skill to Level 2. Once completed, speak to Reth at the Ormuu’s Horn Inn, where he’ll sell you a few ingredients you may need as per the recipe but, most important, the blueprints to craft a Prep Station and a stove.

You will need these appliances as you cannot cook the soup over the campfire, so do acquire the blueprints and any ingredients you may need. Additionally, you may need to forage and mine more resources to craft them, but you should still have enough trees and nodes surrounding your housing plot.

Head back to your worktable to craft and place the Prep Station and a stove on your housing plot, making it one step closer to cooking the Palian Onion Soup. With the ingredients on hand, which you’ll need, one onion and a bag of flour, you can begin cooking the soup, and once done, it will be added to your Inventory.