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Where To Find The Phoenix Statue In Palia

Want to know how to increase your character's Focus Level? Learn how to find the Phoenix Statue for The Phoenix Shrine quest in Palia.
Where To Find The Phoenix Statue In Palia

Your character's Focus Level plays a significant role in Palia, as maintaining the bar allows you to earn maximum XP when using your Skills in-game. As you'll need to remain well-fed by eating food items and consuming meals to keep your Focus high, you can increase its Focus Regeneration by locating the Phoenix Statue.

As you start your gameplay, this statue can be seen, but it requires The Phoenix Shrine quest to understand its connection to Focus Regeneration. In this guide, we've detailed where to find the Phoenix Statue to complete The Phoenix Shrine quest in Palia.

How To Find The Phoenix Statue In Palia

palia quest guide the phoenix shrine phoenix statue how where to find location phoenix falls
You'll need to head back to where you were first found inside the shrine at Phoenix Falls. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Locating the Phoenix Statue is the only objective to complete for The Phoenix Shrine quest, which can be received after speaking with Jina. As she continues her research into learning more about the history of Kilima Village and why humans have disappeared, you’ll be helping this scholar through various quests in your gameplay.

The Phoenix Statue is the next area of research, the location where you first arrived and met Jina and Hekla. Jina has requested that you are to return to this location to investigate what this statue is and its importance to her research.

It’s advised to start this quest before or after doing the Ancient Battery quest, as this places you in the exact location, Phoenix Falls, making it easier to complete. Once you’ve found the wooden bridge leading to Phoenix Falls, head up the stairs to your left, and at the waterfall, make a right turn and keep heading through the corridor until you’ve found the Phoenix Statue.

palia quest guide the phoenix shrine phoenix statue commune renown
You can increase your character's Focus Level by communing with the Phoenix Statue by spending Renown. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After finding the Phoenix Statue, you can approach it where you can interact with it to “commune” with the Phoenix Statue. As a token of thanks, the statue will offer you a blessing of a bonus towards your Focus Regeneration when the bar is full, achieved by eating.

As this is your first time communing with the statue, you’ll receive a 25% bonus Focus Regeneration boost each time you visit the statue, increasing your Focus by 5%. To continue increasing this, you must spend 100 Renown each time, which you can earn by completing quests.

Increasing your Focus Levels is essential as it influences every aspect of your gameplay, as when full, your Focus lets you earn more XP for your character. You can earn XP by completing tasks when using your Skills, so the more you use them when your Focus is full, the more XP you can gain and the faster you can level up your Skills.