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Where To Get & Use Shells In Palia

If you're looking for seashells along the seashores of Bahari Bay, look around the waters of these locations to collect a handful of shells in Palia.
Where To Get & Use Shells In Palia

As you begin your explorations of Bahari Bay, you’ll notice it has a vastly different ecosystem to that of Kilima Village. Players will find rare resources, different animal breeds, and unique forageables to collect along their journey.

One of these unique forageables native to Bahari Bay is Shells which can only be found along the beaches of this region. So, if you need to bring a few back home to remind you of your adventures, here’s where to find them in Palia.

How To Get Shells In Palia?

Shells are forageable resources players can find when exploring the open-world environments of Bahari Bay. As expected, these shells aren’t sold but are located along the seashores on Bahari’s coastlines, preferably in shallow to semi-deep waters.

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(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Shells will become a requirement when doing Jel’s A Look to Dye For quest, as he requires a few to help craft dyes for a garment he’s working on. Therefore, if you want to complete this quest or have a few stored away for a rainy day, set course to three locations in Bahari Bay to begin your search for Shells.

The first location is Coral Shores, northeast of Bahari Bay, and locate the Fast Travel board to locate the source of the lake here. You’ll be traveling south in the water, collecting shells as you move downwards to the mouth of the lake until you’ve reached Lighthouse Lagoon.

Move across the waters in Lighthouse Lagoon, where you’ll find plenty of Shells and Unopened Oysters, but bear in mind that it may get a little deep. You’ll see a little aura highlighting the locations of these underwater Shells, which should make it easy to find and collect them.

palia resources guide shells how to get how to find underwater above water locations bahari bay
Shells can be found above and underwater in Coral Shores, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Beachcomber Cove. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you’ve crossed the channel to reach the sandy shores at Lighthouse Lagoon, keep moving south and under the bridge to reach Beachcomber Cove. Make your way towards the beachfront and walk along it, where you’ll pick up a few more Shells until the end of the beach.

How To Use Shells In Palia?

Unfortunately, Shells don’t have much purpose in Palia, which is unfortunate as they can’t be utilized in crafting or cooking. Nevertheless, it’s a requirement for completing Jel’s quest, A Look to Dye For, in which he needs it to make a special dye for a garment he’s working on.

Additionally, Shells are a Weekly Want item request for a specific Villager, Caleri, which can be gifted to her should she request it when speaking to her. Lastly, should any online players request Shells, you can give them to players depending on the quantity they ask for, and you can receive Renown for fulfilling a player’s request.