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Where To Find & Get Tree Seeds In Palia

Avid foragers that are having a hard time acquiring tree seeds for a specific quest, so we have the lowdown on how to get and use them in Palia.
Where To Find & Get Tree Seeds In Palia

The Gardening skill allows you to plant any crop and tree on your housing plot and reap the rewards they provide. While they do require some seeds to start with, which can be purchased from Zeki at the General Store or from its Skill Master, Badruu, a type of seed has players baffled on how to get.

Tree seeds can be used to plant trees on your plot and make a good gift for a particular Villager, but getting them appears to be a lot harder than it looks. We’ve compiled this explainer guide on how players can find and use tree seeds in Palia.

Where To Find Tree Seeds In Palia

palia resources guide tree seeds where to find how to get samara birch tree inventory
Tree seeds are required to complete a specific quest, but it has become rather challenging to get. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

If you’re like myself, trying to track down tree seeds specifically for a particular quest, Prove Your Devotion, then you'll know obtaining tree seeds is more laborious than expected. During this quest, Hassian will instruct you to plant five wild trees on your housing plot to meet its objective, and while many thought it was easier said than done, this isn’t quite the case.

The confirmed method of obtaining tree seeds is chopping down medium to large trees across Killima Village and Bahari Bay; however, the drop rate has frustrated many players. Not every tree will drop a seed, so you’ll have to continuously chop down enough trees until you have five tree seeds.

This means you could spend anywhere from a few minutes to hours chopping every tree in sight until you have five tree seeds. But there’s is an alternative that requires you to depend on your Mailbox, which you should check at 6 am and 6 pm in-game once you've started this quest.

palia resources guide tree seeds where to find how to get mailbox mailing system
You may also receive some random tree seeds mailed to you from the Villagers once you've started the Prove Your Devotion quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Some Villagers will mail you random seeds, with some players commenting that three seeds are the most received. Either way, if you have begun this quest and possibly pinned it in the Quest Log, you should receive some tree seeds, although when you’ll receive them varies.

How To Use Tree Seeds In Palia

Aside from the Prove Your Devotion quest, tree seeds can be used for planting purposes, especially on your housing plot. While they do take some time to grow, it’s worth mentioning that chopping the planted trees down won’t grant you tree seeds, so do be warned, Palians.

Other than for planting purposes, providing much-needed shade from the blazing sun, and helping you create an aesthetically pleasing plot, there’s not much that tree seeds could provide. However, depending on the type of tree seed, you can sell them for some Gold, and there’s a chance a lucky Villager might accept tree seeds as part of their weekly item requests or as a gift to show that you value their friendship.