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Palia Gardening Guide: How To Learn Skill & Create A Garden

Aspiring gardeners and "green thumb" enthusiasts can learn the art of gardening with their skill master and create the best garden in Palia.
Palia Gardening Guide: How To Learn Skill & Create A Garden

The Skills system is one of the key gameplay components players can explore, giving them plenty of activities in Palia. From home decorating to fishing and mining, each skill will be unlocked at the start of your gaming adventures in Kilima Village and can be leveled up by using these skills in your daily routine.

Gardening is one of these skills, which doesn’t need as many tools to clear out the ground, planting and watering the seeds. If you have a “green thumb” and want to learn gardening skills, continue reading this guide, as we’ve detailed what you need to know about this skill in Palia.

How To Learning The Gardening Skill In Palia?

Considered to be one of the skills that require the least number of tools, gardening, much like fishing, is a relaxing and enjoyable skill to grasp. While it may appear pretty straightforward; however, it takes plenty of “planning and strategy” to maximize the produce they can harvest from their garden.

You can learn more about gardening from its skill master, Badruu, a local farmer in Kilima Village with a penchant for a good pun, so he doesn’t beat around the hedges. You can also obtain your gardening tools from Badruu as he leads you through gardening basics, including starting a gardening patch, planting seeds, and the best time to water your plants and crops.

palia skills guide gardening how to learning gardening skill tree badruu skill master leveling up
You can learn more about the gardening skill from its skill master, Badruu, the local farmer. (Picture: Singularity 6 / TardisKnight)

Progressing with this skill can unlock better equipment, more seeds to plant, and additional gardening features to add to your patch. Likewise, you can also obtain some of your gardening goodies from the local shopkeeper, Zeki, who may have some rare items if purchased from his underground store.

How To Create A Garden In Palia?

To start gardening in Palia, you must plan where on your plot you wish to clear the ground and prepping it before planting the seeds. Similarly, you will also need to consider what plants or crops you want to grow, from tomatoes, carrots, and onions to flowers and herbs, which can be utilized for other skills.

Using gardening tools, you can clear the ground and plant seeds within the allocated space. One thing to remember about gardening is that planting certain plants or crops beside each other can give you various buffs or bonuses, which can be viewed within your inventory by reading each seed’s description.

In that same thought, you will likely need to have built a watering system nearby, like a well, or be nearby a water source, like a pond or a lake. This is so that it’s easier for you to replenish your watering can to water the seeds so that they may grow or risk having the seeds or crops getting wilted under the weather conditions.

palia skills guide gardening how to create a garden creating garden patch indoor plants
You can also place plants inside your home to decorate your home, but don't forget to water them! (Picture: Singularity 6 / Anitsirhc)

Initially, players will only be able to water plants one bed at a time; however, once you have access to craft better gardening tools, you can water multiple beds simultaneously. This can be done by furthering your gardening skill which you can receive crafting recipes or blueprints as rewards from Badruu or possibly obtained from Zeki when purchased at his store.

Once the plants or crops have fully grown or bloomed, you can begin harvesting them with the potential of getting seeds and gets added to your inventory and can be utilized in other skills. Crops like tomatoes, carrots, and onions can be used for the Cooking skill to produce delicious, hearty meals, while flowers, if not foraged, can have their pigments used for furniture crafting.

It’s unclear if you can sell your grown produce to Zeki or other shopkeepers in Kilima Village to receive Palia Coins possibly. Additionally, you’ll earn points for planting and harvesting, which increases your Gardening Level, and the vacant beds can be repurposed to grow more plants and crops, except for tomatoes, whose vines will remain planted.