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Pokémon GO September 2022 Spotlight Hours – All Featured Pokémon

Pokémon GO Season of Light is officially underway; developer Niantic has revealed details for their September Spotlight Hour event.
Pokémon GO September 2022 Spotlight Hours – All Featured Pokémon

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has introduced the game’s brand new season, the Season of Light, and with that, new content is set to be available in September. From new and refreshed events, Raids, and tasks to complete, there are selected Pokémon appearing in the wild alongside their Shiny forms.

The Spotlight Hour event provides all Trainers the opportunity to catch these Pokémon every week only for an hour in-game. Let’s look at all the Pokémon featured in the Spotlight Hour event, the event bonuses, and the schedule for Pokémon GO.

Every Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO September 2022

Throughout September, Trainers will be more likely to catch selected Pokémon during the Spotlight Hour event. Occasionally, they’ll also receive in-game bonuses that significantly benefit them and their Pokémon.

pokemon go season of light september content update schedule spotlight hour event munna
Munna will once again appear in Pokémon GO during the Spotlight Hour event. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Below is the schedule for the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour event and the Pokémon featured during the event:

  • 6th September 2022: Munna
  • 13th September 2022: Ralts
  • 20th September 2022: Aron
  • 27th September 2022: Minccino

The Spotlight Hour event, as stated, will go live for an hour from 6 pm to 7 pm local time, with a high chance that many of these Pokémon will be Shiny. Lastly, the allocated Spotlight bonuses will appear alongside each Pokémon during the Spotlight Hour event, which is the following:

  • 6th September 2022: Double Stardust when catching Pokémon
  • 13th September 2022: Double XP when catching Pokémon
  • 20th September 2022: Double Candy when catching Pokémon
  • 27th September 2022: Double Candy when transferring Pokémon
pokemon go season of light september content update schedule spotlight hour event featured pokemon
There are several Spotlight Hour bonuses to receive during the limited-time event. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

Ahead of the Spotlight Hour event, there are a few ways that Trainers can get ready before catching any of the Pokémon mentioned above. So Trainers should ensure that they have plenty of Poké Balls which they can get from spinning Pokéstops, opening gifts, and the Daily Free Box.

Similarly, Trainers can complete Field Research and Special Research tasks or activate Daily Adventure Incense to receive more Poké Balls. As a last resort, Trainers can purchase them through the in-game Shop; however, we advise not to spend real-world money to get more Poké Balls.

To increase the chances of successfully catching these Pokémon, Trainers should have a few Lures in their inventory that can help with the number of Pokémon they’ll likely encounter but only use one for every Spotlight Hour.

Lastly, with Niantic increasing the Storage capacity, Trainers must double-check that there’s enough space for all the Pokémon they’ll catch during the event.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.