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All Roblox Doors Modifiers Explained

Want to know more about the different Modifiers in Roblox Doors? Here's a full list of every Modifier and what they do in the game.
All Roblox Doors Modifiers Explained

Are you looking to master all the new Modifiers in the exhilarating realm of Roblox Doors? Duh! Of course you are. That being said, you're probably curious to know more about this new exciting in-game feature, including exactly what some of these Modifiers in Doors do.

That's where we come in! Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of "Maximum Overdrive" or been caught off guard by "Always Watching"? Don't sweat it! We’ve dug deep into every Doors Modifier's mischief to give you a comprehensive breakdown. Let's dive right in!

All Modifiers In Roblox Doors


In case you didn't know, you can unlock Modifiers in Roblox Doors by escaping the hotel. However, some of these are locked behind badges. This means you need to earn specific badges in the game to unlock certain Modifiers. Oh - and these work in both public and private servers.

We've explained how to use Modifiers in Doors in a separate guide, so we encourage you to check it out if you want to know more. That said, here is a table of every Modifier and its effect on Roblox Doors:

Modifier Description Knobs
Uh Oh Activates a random Modifier. +10%
How Unfortunate Activates three random Modifiers. +30%
Chaos, Chaos Activates five random Modifiers. +50%
Lights On Fewer rooms will be dark. -25%
Electrical Work Lights will never flicker or break, including entity warnings. +10%
Bad Electrical Work More rooms will be dark. Lights will occasionally flicker and break. +10%
Power Outage Most rooms will be dark, even during attacks. Lights flicker and break. +15%
Lights Out All rooms will be completely dark. Have fun! +25%
El Goblino On Break More gold can be found. -50%
El Goblino Was Here Less gold can be found. +5%
El Goblino Payday No gold can be found. +15%
More Stuff More items can be found (or rather, the chance of finding rare items like Crucifix increases significantly). No rift. -50%
Less Stuff Fewer items can be found. +5%
Out Of Stuff Non-essential items and pickups cannot be found. No rift. +15%
Wear And Tear Items have significantly less durability and use (lighters, candles, and flashlights will drain much faster). +5%
Gone Fishing Most glowing hints are disabled (Guiding Light doesn't show up). +5%
Soundproofing Keys, books, and other similar pickups no longer emit a shimmering noise (sound cues are disabled). +5%
Wet Flood The floor is slippery. +10%
Bad Ventilation Adds fog that limits your vision dramatically. +10%
Locked And Loaded Increases the chance of locked rooms. Has a chance to lock normal rooms. +10%
Key Key Key Key Almost every room is locked. +15%
A Few Places To Hide Hiding spots are no longer guaranteed for everyone. +5%
Nowhere To Hide Rooms with hiding spots during entity encounters are no longer guaranteed. +15%
Jammin' Plays some music to soothe the nerves. All other audio is muffled. +15%
You Crazy Bro Enter with 75% health. It can be healed back. +5%
Tripped Enter with 50% health. It can be healed back. +5%
Tripped And Fell Enter with 10% health. It can be healed back. +10%
Last Few Breaths Enter with 50% max health. +10%
Last Breath All damage (except non-fatal) leads to instant death. +20%
Didn't Skip Leg Day Faster movement speed. -50%
Faster Faster Faster Movement speed is significantly faster. -75%
Maximum Overdrive Extremely fast movement, like being on a boost. Unlocked after getting the 'Hotel Hell' badge. -90%
My Knees Are Killing Me Movement is significantly slower while crouching. +5%
My Legs Are Killing Me Movement is significantly slower. +10%
Injuries Reduced movement speed after taking any damage. +5%
Good Time Entities attack less often. -50%
Bad Time Most entities will attack more often. +10%
Really Bad Time Entities attack much more frequently. +20%
Worst Time Ever Entities will constantly attack unfairly. Unlocked after getting the 'Hotel Hell' badge. +50%
Rush Hour Increased attack frequency from Rush. +5%
I'm Runnin' Here Rush will move quicker. +5%
I'm Tiptoeing Here Rush doesn't emit any sound when approaching. +5%
Wrong Number Dupe will spawn more frequently and increase in difficulty. +5%
Battle Of Wits Dupe will almost always spawn and is set to the maximum difficulty level. +15%
I'm Everywhere Screech can attack in any room. +5%
Think Fast Screech attacks more frequently and gives less time to react. +10%
Bug Spray Timothy, the spider, is almost non-existent. -10%
Itchy Timothy attacks more often, and his bites can be fatal. +5%
Nosy Eyes spawn more frequently. +5%
Always Watching Eyes will always spawn in every room. +10%
Seeing Double Two sets of eyes will always spawn in rooms. +15%
Four Eyes Four sets of eyes will always spawn. Unlocked after getting the 'Hotel Hell' badge. +50%
Come Back Here Figure moves faster. +5%
You Really Can't Run Seek's chase is extended; it will start earlier and last longer. +10%
Back For Seconds Ambush will attack more frequently. +10%
Again and Again and Again Ambush will attack without end. Unlocked after getting the 'Hotel Hell' badge. +15%
Rent's Due Hide attacks faster, reducing the time you can stay in closets. +10%
Roundabout Halt is guaranteed to attack and is more difficult. +10%
Watch Your Step Snare occasionally spawns throughout the floor. +5%
Are Those Pancakes?! Multiple Snares will spawn in a room. +10%
Too Many Snares Many snares spawn, and their attacks can be fatal. +15%
Stop Right There A90 from The Rooms has a chance to attack. +15%
Room For More All entities from The Rooms have a chance to attack. +20
Super Hard Mode Replicates the April Fool's 2023 game mode and can't be combined with other modifiers. No trophy progress. No rift. +0%

And that's all! We should also add that there are two new Achievements in Roblox Doors, which will unlock more Modifiers:

  • Not Five Stars: This badge is earned by escaping the hotel with at least a 50% bonus using Modifiers.
  • Hotel Hell: This badge is earned by escaping the hotel with at least a 150% bonus using Modifiers.

We'll explain the best way how to earn these Achievement badges in a separate guide. But that's a wrap! Modifiers are a game-changer (pun intended)! They bring a fresh vibe to Doors, offering a unique experience every time you play.

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