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RLCS Season 9 Regional Championship: Schedule, Format, Fixtures, Prize Pool & How-To Watch

This seasons North American and European Regional Championship are set to be the biggest yet - find out everything including the schedule, format, prize pool and how you can watch all the action this weekend!
RLCS Season 9 Regional Championship: Schedule, Format, Fixtures, Prize Pool & How-To Watch

RLCS Season 9 has been one of the craziest in recent times, the Week 1 postponement due to server troubles looks a long way away, especially in light of the cancellation of the World Championship, that was set to be played in Dallas in a few weeks time, due to a global pandemic that has confined over a billion people to their homes.

All that hasn’t stopped the RLCS though, at least not completely, with the broadcast team doing their jobs remotely, and the revamped Regional Championship to ease the pain of the Worlds being cancelled the RLCS has been able to serve up some of the best Rocket League we have ever seen these last 9 weeks.

And now we have the showpiece event, or two rather - to crown the best team in North American and the best team in Europe - The RLCS Regional Championship(s).

Six teams from each of the two regions will compete for a share of a  $300,000 prize pool. Saturday will see the best of North America go toe-to-toe, while Sunday will be reserved for Europe.

It is going to be a great weekend of Rocket League, because not only do we have the RLCS Regional Championship to look forward to, we also have the Grand Final of The European Invitational where Sandrock Gaming will go up against Team Singularity at 17:00 pm GMT.

You can also check out our round-up of both the North American and European regular season ahead of this weekends action.



RLCS Season 9 Regional Championship European and North American Preview How To Watch Schedule Format
(Credit: Psyonix)


Saturday 28th March: NA Regional Championship 11:30 am PDT (6.30 pm GMT)
Sunday 29th March: EU Regional Championship 8:30 am (3:30 pm GMT)



The Regional Championship matches are best of seven, with an upper and lower bracket. The 3rd and 4th placed teams will play with the losers, dropping into the lower bracket and playing the winners of the 5th and 6th placed teams. 

The 1st and 2nd placed teams play the winners of these games in the semi-finals, with the winners of those games facing off in the Grand Final.

  • Bo7 Page Playoff System.
  • 5th and 6th start against each other in the Lower Bracket with 3rd and 4th in the Upper Bracket, playing a Double Elimination Bracket to determine the Top 4 teams of the region.
  • The rest stands as a Single Elimination Bracket.
  • All six teams in the Regional Championship auto-qualify for RLCS Season 10.



RLCS Season 9 North American Regional Championship Fixture
(Credit: Liquipedia)

RLCS Season 9 European Regional Championship Fixtures schedule format how to watch where to watch
(Credit: Liquipedia)


Prize Pool

Placement $ USD
1st $96,397.36
2nd $66,397.36 
3rd $42,897.36
4th $42,897.36
5th $30,397.36
6th $29,397.36


RLCS Season 9 Regional Championship: How-To Watch

You can catch all the weekends action on Twitch and YouTube with Saturday's North American Regional Championship starting at 11:30 am PDT (6:30 pm GMT) and Sunday's European Regional Championship kicking off at 8:30 am PDT (3:30 pm GMT)