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Rocket League
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Team BDS sign Extra permanently after win in EuroCup

The recently promoted side have made the signing of Alex "Extra" Paoli permanent.
There was one positive from AS Monaco's run in last season's Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) when the French side failed to a solitary match finishing league play with a 0-9 record and automatic relegation, and that was the performances of Alex "Extra" Paoli. The Frenchman was making his debut in the RLCS and, when given the opportunity, showed that he is a creative and instinctual, and most importantly, a clinical attacker scoring 50% of his team's goals.


Team BDS Extra, Team BDS Rocket League roster
Extra has already tasted success with Team BDS. (Picture: Zeebo)


It is no surprise then that Extra's time in the RLCS is set to continue. Picked up by Team BDS as a stand-in for Lethamyr's EuroCup, a tournament that they would go on to win, the Swiss esport organisation has now made the move permanent and confirmed that the roster which includes Extra, compatriot Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez, and Spain's Marc "MaRc_By_&." Domingo will be the team for RLCS Season X.



Team BDS take their place in the RLCS after gaining automatic promotion from the Rival Series when the finished top of the table, with the aforementioned players plus Alejandro "ClayX" Carbonero. However, Clay found himself on the bench at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic had meant the next RLCS season would be starting much later than initially planned, giving teams the opportunity to try out players in a series of smaller, developer supported, tournaments.

ClayX would find a new home, signing for Rival Series side Triple Trouble

Expectations will be high for this Team BDS side, M0nkey M00n is expected to make a splash when he finally makes his RLCS debut, and with the win in the EuroCup, where they beat FC Barcelona, Dignitas and mousesports, has cemented them as a side to be respected.

Team BDS's entry into the RLCS is coming at an interesting time, RLCS Season X which is scheduled to start in August will mark the tenth season of the competition and the first time since Psyonix announced a major revamp of the competition. Gone are the two World Championships each year and instead seasons will be split into three - Fall, Summer, and Spring. Team BDS will auto qualify for the Fall Split due to their promotion out of last season's Rival Series.