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Rocket League
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Team BDS win Winter EU Regional #3 after longest Rocket League match ever

Team BDS beat Vodafone Giants in the Grand Finals after forcing a bracket reset.

Team BDS forced a bracket reset and beat Vodafone Giants in a back-to-back Bo7 series to win RLCS X EU Regional #3. Breaking records for the first successful bracket reset since 2018 and the longest-running series in competitive Rocket League history at 13 games and eight OTs.

A bracket reset occurs when the tournament follows a double-elimination format. The Grand Finals will be played by the Winners Bracket Finalist (who hasn't lost a series in the tournament) vs. the Losers Bracket Finalist (who has lost once in the tournament.) 

The Losers Bracket Finalist will need to beat the Winners Bracket Finalist twice -- hence double elimination. If the LB Finalist wins the first series, it is called a bracket reset as both finalists are even in losses and next series' winner takes the championship.

Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez showed up big time in Game 6 after the bracket reset following a gruelling four-minute overtime with the championship-sealing flip-reset goal.

With the result, Team BDS pocket $30,000 and 401 points yet again, while 2nd place Vodafone Giants walk away with $15,000 and 300 points.

Team BDS leads the European leaderboards with 2656 points and is currently the winningest Rocket League team worldwide with four Regional championships and one Major tournament win.

David vs. Goliath -- again

team bds vodafone giants eu regional number 3 team comparison(Picture: Psyonix)

It was Team BDS vs Vodafone Giants in a Regional Grand Final for the second time since the start of the revamped RLCS X back in August of last year. 

Last time they faced of on the biggest stage was back in the Fall Split Regional #2 when Team BDS emerged victorious to win their second RLCS X championship.

With Team BDS looking for their fifth championship win in RLCS X and Vodafone Giants chasing glory for the first time, the Grand Finals turned into a tug-of-war.

Giants struck first taking Game 1 but Team BDS answered winning the next two. Giants then stepped up taking a 3-2 lead, meaning The European powerhouse was in desperate need of another comeback.

Enter BDS’ Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez who when he puts his mind to something, few can stop him.

Pushing the first series to Game 7 Overtime, BDS forced a bracket reset and a fresh best-of-seven series was underway.

In one of the most impressive competitive Rocket League series we have seen in a long time, both squads showed the world yet again why Europe is a region to fear and respect.

Both series only got more feisty and intense as the games went on. At the end of Championship Sunday’s Grand Finals, there were more games going into overtime (8) than games that ended in regulation (5).

With only a five-minute break between matches, both teams were at it again where the champion got crowned after the series finished with Team BDS beating Vodafone Giants 4-2, mirroring their Upper Bracket match.

Upper bracket resistance

This time, Vodafone Giants were in a hot streak remaining alive and not losing a single series toppling TrainHard Esports, Team Vitality, hot newcomers WOO and Team BDS in the Upper Bracket Finals.

Although Team BDS had a similar run until they faced the eventual runner-up Giants in the Upper Bracket, they took down fan favourites like Triple Trouble, recently rebranded Dignitas and Oxygen Esports to the Lower Bracket.

eu regional upper bracket(Picture: Psyonix)

Having been sent down to the Lower Bracket late in the tournament, Team BDS had to stay alive only for one more series before having a shot at the championship and redemption.

Although they had to face Dignitas again in the Lower Bracket Finals, a clean sweep would do the job for BDS to advance to the Grand Finals. 

eu regional lower bracket(Picture: Psyonix) 

The real challenge would come when they had to force a bracket reset to even get a shot at yet another RLCS X championship win.

Finishing 2nd place in the tournament solidifies Vodafone Giants as the fourth place in Europe, behind Top Blokes, Renault Vitality and Team BDS. 

Team BDS has a massive lead over the region making them certain favourites as the Rocket League World Championship nears quickly.

europe rlcs x leaderboard(Picture: Psyonix) 

You can relive this Grand Finals instant classic VOD available on Rocket League Esports’ Twitch and YouTube channels as we get ready for the Winter Split Major to kick off the next couple of weeks.