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Sea of Thieves
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Every Siren Shrine Secret Journal location in Sea of Thieves

Learn the locations of all Secret Journals in the Siren Shrines of Sea of Thieves.
With the new update in Sea of Thieves, players have access to a whole new slew of content. 

As part of this content is the Siren Shrines. These are completely unique locations from each other and allow players to explore and do a bit of puzzle-solving in order to earn some remarkable rewards. While there’s treasure and other in-game items to find in the shrines, some players are after a more substantial achievement. 

That achievement is the commendations that come with finding all of the Secret Journals in each of the Siren Shrines. There are 30 total journals to find across all of the shrines, with five of them populating each of the six shrines. 

Locating all of them might seem like a herculean task to a Sea of Thieves player but luckily, we’ve laid out how to find each of the Secret Journals in each of the Siren Shrines. Players can dive into each of the shrines below. 

Sea of Thieves Siren Shrine Secret Journals 

sea of thieves
Siren Shrines are a popular aspect of Sea of Thieves. (Picture: Rare)

As previously noted, there are six Siren Shrines in Sea of Thieves and they’re as follows: 

Each location has five Secret Journals left behind by former adventurers. The journals are in spots that some players might not look, so you can’t just earn all of them by accident. Instead, you need to venture to each location and spend some time in the shrines looking for the journals. 

shrines sea of thieves
The shrines can be tough to navigate. (Picture: Rare)

Fortunately, we already went through and detailed how to find all of the Secret Journals in each shrine. You can click on any of the shrines listed above to be taken to a separate article where we detailed how to find each Secret Journal in that respective shrine. 

For more Sea of Thieves guides, check out our dedicated section for the game. 

Featured image courtesy of Rare.