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How to get the Coral Curse in Sea of Thieves Season 4

Here's how to unlock the coveted Curse of Sunken Sorrow or Coral Curse cosmetic in Sea of Thieves Season 4.
How to get the Coral Curse in Sea of Thieves Season 4

Sea of Thieves Season 4 has recently been released and boasts a wealth of new content. In particular, the developers, Rare, included several new Siren Shrines, which are central to the thematic of the present season. Along with the new shrines is also a brand-new curse vanity item.

If you're feeling brave enough, then join us as we embark on an epic adventure to unlock the coveted pirate cosmic treasure called the "Coral Curse." The best part is that the steps required to unlock this vanity item are relatively straightforward and easy. So without further ado, here's how to get the Coral Curse in Sea of Thieves Season 4.

How to unlock the Coral Curse in Sea of Thieves Season 4

There are a total of six new Siren Shrines in the game, and each shrine has five secret journals to unlock. Players will need to discover each of the Siren Shrines and recover all of the journals in order to unlock The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation.

how to unlock coral curse sea of thieves season 4
Discover all Siren Shrines and read all of the journals to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom. (Picture: Rare)

If you haven't discovered all of the Siren Shrines yet, we recommend that you check out our guides for each shrine, linked below, prior to continuing.

Treasuries, unfortunately, do not count toward the commendations progression.

Once you have discovered all of the Siren Shrines, you will have to read all of the journals found within them. It doesn't matter which order you discover the shrines, as all of the journals will be sorted into their proper chronological order.

Once this has been completed, you will unlock The Legend of the Sunken Sorrow; a special voyage that can be purchased from Larina via The Bilge Rats.

Unlock the The Legend of the Sunken Sorrow at The Bilge Rats
Unlock The Legend of the Sunken Sorrow at The Bilge Rats. (Picture: Rare)

The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom voyage will have you complete various riddles, which were written by a mysterious Scholar. Completing this voyage will take a few hours. As you complete each riddle, you will find a locked Forbidden Coral Chest that will require 3 Forbidden Keys to open it, each of which is found by completing more riddles.

Once the chest is opened, you will discover a Mysterious Ancient Key, which you will use to open up the Forbidden Ancient Chamber. Once you have reached the Forbidden Ancient Chamber, you will unlock the coveted Coral Curse after reading the secret found within the tomb. The Coral Curse will then become available to use in the Vanity Chest. 

how to get curse of sunken sorrow coral curse cosmetic sea of thieves
The Curse of the Sunken Sorrow is unlocked after completing the Legend of the Sunken Sorrow voyage. (Picture: Rare)

The Curse of Sunken Sorrow reads: "This glowing, plant-like curse is proof that you ventured into the Sunken Kingdom in search of a sad secret..."

And that's it, pretty easy! Be sure to check out our dedicated Sea of Thieves section, as we will be bringing you even more guides to help you unravel the mysteries in Season 4.


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.