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SMITE Night Week 1 - Classic Conquest returns

SMITE Night is a new once-a-week event happening every Saturday, and Week 1 brings back Classic Conquest.
SMITE Night Week 1 - Classic Conquest returns
Season 9 of SMITE continues to produce endless hours of enjoyment for players both old and new. Game developers Hi Rez Studios have continued to improve the title and evolve the gameplay to make the battleground of the gods one of the best MOBA titles available.

While there were major changes made with the start of Season 9, including a new game mode and reworks of others, it looks like Hi Rez is setting up for a blast from the past. SMITE Night is beginning soon and it's bringing back Classic Conquest, here are all the details.

SMITE Night 21 May - Classic Conquest

SMITE seasons and maps
The Conquest map has seen major changes over the years throughout SMITE seasons. (Picture: u/Maxleono / Hi Rez Studios)

Going live as part of the 9.5 patch update, SMITE Night is set to be a once-a-week event happening every Saturday in which special content and rewards will be available for limited time periods.

Each SMITE Night a player will be given 2 quests to complete on that SMITE Night. These weekly SMITE Night Quests do not carry over and must be completed on that SMITE Night (24-hour period). Each monthly update, players will also have 2 SMITE Night Milestone Quests that will last the duration of the release/patch.

The 21st May SMITE Night will be the first of the series and is scheduled to run for a 24-hour period. First up on the schedule is the return of Classic Conquest, which will be a delight to longtime players as Season 9 introduced an entirely new Conquest map. Do note that SMITE Night will feature a different mode each week.

The Classic Conquest map was previously only available to PC players during the earliest closed beta phases of SMITE back in 2012. Many players have never played this map, but those who have played it know how amazing it was. Now everyone can have that experience of the very first playable SMITE Conquest map.

SMITE Night full schedule and rewards

SMITE Night full schedule
SMITE Night Saturdays will begin soon for players to enjoy throwback gameplay and exclusive rewards. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

For those looking ahead to what's in store for all the upcoming SMITE Nights, have a look at the schedule and rewards here.

21 May - Classic Conquest

  • Rewards
    • SMITE Night Loading Screen
    • Heavenly Sight Chest

28 May - All Out Slash

  • Rewards
    • SMITE Night Avatar Chest
    • Pyo God Chest

4 June - Classic Conquest

  • Rewards
    • SMITE Night Emote Chest
    • SMITE Night Cosmetic Chest

11 June - 5v5 Conquest

  • Rewards
    • 3 Day Account Booster
    • SMITE Night Voice Pack Chest

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Featured image courtesy of Hi Rez Studios.