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SMITE Night Week 2 - All Out Slash

SMITE Night Week 2 is here and this Saturday will feature All Out Slash action for a limited time.
SMITE Night Week 2 - All Out Slash
SMITE Season 9 has been full of constant excitement and endless hours of enjoyment for players of all experience levels. Game developers Hi Rez Studios have continued to improve the title and evolve the gameplay to make the battleground of the gods one of the most played online battle arena titles on the market.

The start of Season 9 brought a new game mode (Slash) to the title for players to get to grips with, but now they will have a chance to enjoy Slash with a twist. SMITE Night Week 2 is now here and features All Out Slash for a 24-hour period, here's everything you need to know.

SMITE Night 28 May - All Out Slash

SMITE Night Week 2 All Out Slash
SMITE Night Week 2 brings All Out Slash mode for players to enjoy. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

After going live as part of the 9.5 patch update, SMITE Night is a once-a-week event taking place every Saturday where special content and rewards will be available for limited time periods (24-hour windows).

Each SMITE Night, players will be given 2 quests to complete, these weekly SMITE Night Quests do not carry over and must be completed on that SMITE Night (24-hour period). Each monthly update, players will also have 2 SMITE Night Milestone Quests that will last the duration of the release/patch.

The 28th May SMITE Night will be the second of the series and is scheduled to run for the standard 24-hour period. SMITE Night Week 2 will feature an exciting twist to Season 9's new game mode, Slash.

The SMITE Night Week 2 mode will be called All Out Slash, here's how it differs from normal Slash.

  • Duplicate Gods Allowed
  • Infinite Mana
  • 20% CDR Starting – 60% CDR Max

Infinite Mana and 20% starting Cool Down Reduction will likely mean Mages (and certain Guardians) will be very popular picks, so be ready to buy the necessary Magical Defense items.

SMITE Night Schedule Week 2
SMITE Night features a new limited-time mode every Saturday. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

Here's the remaining schedule as well as rewards players can earn for the SMITE Night event.

4 June - Classic Conquest

  • Rewards
    • SMITE Night Emote Chest
    • SMITE Night Cosmetic Chest

11 June - 5v5 Conquest

  • Rewards
    • 3 Day Account Booster
    • SMITE Night Voice Pack Chest

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Featured image courtesy of Hi Rez Studios.