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How To Build Gates On Defensive Walls In Sons Of The Forest

While building a proper Defensive Wall Gate is bugged, there is a workaround you can utilize to secure your base in Sons of the Forest.
How To Build Gates On Defensive Walls In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest lets players can craft many structures and buildings, from tents to shelters and tree houses, but the Defensive Wall Gate is likely the most useful. If you wish to secure yourself better and get the higher ground, this structure can protect you from the mutants and cannibals attacking you.

The blueprint for the Defensive Wall Gate exists, but building one is reportedly bugged; nevertheless, there is a workaround until the developer has patched the bug. So, if you want a Defensive Wall Gate, here's how to build one in Sons of the Forest.

How To Craft Defensive Wall Gates In Sons Of The Forest?

After you or Kelvin have gathered enough wooden logs, don’t cut them to size; instead, start building your wall, keeping in mind to leave some spacing where you initially planned to insert the gate. What needs to be done next is to grab the next log and, using the built-in level meter, align the log as close to the wall as possible by setting it sideways and ensuring a decent amount of overlapping.

sons of the forest buildings guide defensive wall gate alignment
To build a gate for the Defensive Wall, align a log and create a small space where you'll place a gate.(Picture: YouTube / Kibbles Gaming)

Once you’ve got it as close as possible, set the first log down horizontally, which will act as your reference, before picking it up again and setting it vertically to create a “door” space. Ensuring that the “door “spacing is as small as possible to prevent enemies from walking right through it, take the next log and place it horizontally between the wall.

All that’s left is to grab as many logs as you stack them on top of each, forming a gate for your Defensive Wall. To enter or exit your base, you’ll need to remove the logs before placing them back up every time, which can be tedious, but it's the safest option.

sons of the forest buildings guide defensive wall gate door space
Once you've created a door space, you can start stacking logs to create a gate. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles Gaming)

Likewise, you can build a standard door by stacking seven logs and chopping down small sections through six logs (excluding the top). You’ll need two more logs which you’ll need to line up vertically before splitting them in half and placing them within the frame to create a door.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Kibbles Gaming for its complete tutorial on building a Defensive Wall Gate in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.