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Where To Find Devil's Club In Sons Of The Forest

This herbaceous yet poisonous plant can be harmful if not prepared correctly. Here's how to find and use Devil's Club in Sons of the Forest.
Where To Find Devil's Club In Sons Of The Forest

Farming resources are integral to your character's survival in Sons of the Forest, as you'll need to depend on food to replenish your health and regain the stamina to continue exploring and fighting off enemies. Unfortunately, not every plant on the island can be readily eaten; some plants can do worse damage than taking on a mutant or cannibal.

The Devil's Club in Sons of the Forest is such a plant as its berries may look tasty, but they're pretty poisonous if you know how to prepare them correctly should you find them. In this guide, we've detailed how to get the poisonous Devil's Club and how to use them in Sons of the Forest.

How To Get Devil's Club In Sons of The Forest

sons of the forest resources guide devils club harvesting foraging poisonous berries
Don't eat the berries of the Devil's Club plan, especially when harvesting, as they're quite poisonous. (Picture: YouTube / The Ginger Empire)

This poisonous plant is recognized for its bright red berries, which are clustered together and have a club-like appearance and large flat green leaves. That said, it's advised that you don't eat the berries or the leaves directly, as they can be hazardous (if not deadly) once consumed.

Nevertheless, it can be harvested, and if you're lucky enough, you can collect seeds that can be used for gardening purposes. As to where you can find Devil's Club, the plant is as scarce as acquiring its seeds and can be found in four locations in Sons of the Forest.

The first known location is near the cave entrance where you can find the Rope Gun and the Cross. You can spot the red-colored berries by searching around this area. It's worth pointing out that you can also find Aloe Vera and Fireweed plants in this area.

The next location is a bit south of the Maintenance B dig site. You'll need to keep a lookout for a river flowing in the area, as you can find this plant nearby. The last two locations are nearby each other. More specifically, you must position yourself on the island's eastern side and find the underground bunker cave entrance to get the Golden Armor. Then, head south along the trail from the cave entrance with a pond on your right side to locate the Devil's Club plants. You can also find some Twinberries in this area.

How To Use Devil's Club In Sons of The Forest?

sons of the forest resources guide devils club inventory crafting energy mix+
Combine Devil's Club with Chicory and Fireweed to make the Energy Mix+ pack. (Picture: YouTube / The Ginger Empire)

Devil's Club cannot be eaten directly, so it needs to be prepared by creating a consumable item using the required resources. If your character is running low on energy due to being hungry, dehydrated, or exhausted, boost its energy by drinking water, sleeping, or consuming the Energy Mix or its upgraded version, Energy Mix+.

To make the Energy Mix+ pack, you must have harvested a few Chicory, Fireweed, and Devil's Club plants, which can be accessed through your inventory. Once opened, place all three plants on the crafting mat before combining them to make the Energy Mix+ pack.

And that completes this guide on finding and using Devil's Club in Sons of the Forest. We want to thank the YouTube channel The Ginger Empire for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.