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Sons Of The Forest All Flashlight Locations: How To Get

Avoid getting left out in the dark by using a flashlight to guide you in caves and bunkers, as we've listed where to find them in Sons of the Forest.
Sons Of The Forest All Flashlight Locations: How To Get

The flashlight is one of the first tools you can acquire in the early stages of Sons of the Forest, which can give you good visibility when exploring the island. This is handy during the nighttime or when investigating underground bunkers and caves where vision is at its lowest.

So where you can find a flashlight will depend on getting the GPS tracker and a few other tools to make the search more productive. We’ve detailed how to find the flashlight and its two attachments in Sons of the Forest.

Where To Get A Flashlight In Sons Of The Forest – All Locations

Retrieving a flashlight can be done relatively early in the game, as you can get one while heading to one specific purple marker to obtain a GPS Locator. Head to the purple marker in the island's center, close to the mountains, and cut the rope tied to a rock to drop the corpse.

sons of the forest gear guide flashlight location gps locator snowy mountains
Head to the location of the snowy mountains, where you can get a GPS Locator and a flashlight. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Make your way down the cliff and find the body where you can acquire the GPS Locator and a couple of other items. Look on the ground around the corpse to find the flashlight, although you won’t be able to fully use it as the power is low and can run off of battery power.

You’ll need to replace the battery in the flashlight, which you should have before using it when exploring underground areas like caves and bunkers. You can modify your flashlight by finding attachments which can be found in two separate locations, which we’ve detailed below.

Flashlight Attachment 1 Location

The first Flashlight attachment is inside a cave near where you found the flashlight. Head south from where you found the GPS Locator to find the cave; however, you will require having found the Rebreather and a Rope Gun.

sons of the forest gear guide flashlight cave location rebreather rope gun

Destroy the blockade at the cave’s entrance and head inside before equipping the flashlight or a torch you’ll need when exploring. Follow the path down until you reach a dead end where looking above, you can find a zipline that you’ll need, the Rope Gun.

After reaching the other side, disembark, where you’ll find a cave pool, and you’ll need to equip the Rebreather and dive into the cave pool. Head underwater to find a tunnel you’ll swim through until you reach the next area.

Equip the flashlight, torch, or lighter and take the leading tunnel away from the cave pool, where you can find an air tank, wetsuit, and other items. Keep moving forward before going down a landslide and dropping into a cave pool.

sons of the forest gear guide flashlight cave tunnels corpse flashlight attachment one
Search the corpse to find the flashlight attachment. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Travel south from the location of the snowy mountains to find this cave where you'll need to have a Rebreather and Rope Gun to explore the tunnels. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Swim to the other side, locate the nearest tunnel and make your way forward with a flashlight, where you’ll spot containers and a backpack. Follow the path, moving past two corpses ahead, and take the right tunnel until you reach a lightly dim space where you can get the flashlight attachment from a corpse in the middle of this area.

Flashlight Attachment 2 Location

The second flashlight attachment can be found at the cave, where you can find the underground hotel bunker. Once you’ve found the underground hotel bunker, take the staircase down until you get to the first set of doors, which you’ll need the VIP keycard to unlock.

Take two flights of stairs, open the yellow-painted door to your left, and defeat the monster found here. Head across to the other side of the room through two sets of doors before entering the corridor, where you’ll need to look for the second door to your right, which should be unlocked.

sons of the forest gear guide flashlight hotel bunker location flashlight attachment 2
Find the hotel bunker area and search inside one of the rooms for the second flashlight attachment near the chessboard set. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

In this room is a corpse where you can find a pistol and ammo, and the flashlight attachment on the table beside the chessboard. You can use the attachments to modify your flashlight, which will aid you when continuing your explorations on the island.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for its complete walkthrough on locating the flashlight and attachments in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.