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How To Get Tarp In Sons of the Forest

Tarp is an essential resource you will need to get to make a tent and save your game progress, so here’s where to find it in Sons of the Forest.
How To Get Tarp In Sons of the Forest

Your first few days surviving on the island require finding a water source, hunting or foraging for food, and building a shelter to protect yourself from the weather. The latter can also save your game progress and prevent you from losing precious time spent on the game.

Building a tent requires having a tarp, and how you can find it can determine if you will continue to survive or lose your gameplay progress. That said, here’s how to find and use a tarp in Sons of the Forest.

How Can You Find And Use Tarp In Sons Of The Forest?

This early game resource cannot be crafted but is likely duplicated and can easily be located at the crash site or your starting area. Search the containers scattered across the beach, and you’ll find one container either on the beach or towards the ocean to get your tarp.

sons of the forest resource guide tarp locations abandoned campsite
Tarps can be found at abandoned campsites throughout the island. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

If you need to find more tarps, they can be found scattered across the island, and the easiest method to find more tarps is to locate the various abandoned campsites. You must keep searching the surrounding campsites until you’ve found a container with another tarp inside and added it to your inventory.

Additionally, a few containers have tarps inside, which can also be located near cave entrances. As a rule of thumb, we advised being on the island’s western side as this is where the tarp can be easily found.

Tarp is an essential resource as it can be used to build your first shelter, a humble tiny tent. Moreover, the tent and any shelter you make much later in the game can be used to save your gameplay progress, so it’s advised to go and find the tarp as soon as possible.

sons of the forest resource guide tarp inventory destroy dismantle tent
You can destroy your tent if you wish to move it elsewhere but don't forget to pick up your tarp, which will be added to your inventory afterward. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

If you wish to move your tent elsewhere, to be nearby resources or give you a better advantage over enemies, you can destroy the tent and recover the tarp. Using your axe, strike the stick holding the tarp, which will drop the tent to the ground.

You can collect the stick and tarp using your keyboard or controller's corresponding key or button. Once you’ve grabbed the resources, you can add them to your inventory or equip them to your backpack once you’ve located a better spot to set up your next campsite.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for its complete tutorial on locating the tarp in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.