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Sons Of The Forest Trap Guide: How To Craft All Traps

Learn how to build and set traps in Sons of the Forest, including Fly Swatter, Bone Maker, Bird, Fish, and Small Animal traps.
Sons Of The Forest Trap Guide: How To Craft All Traps

Do you want to learn how to make and place traps in Sons of the Forest? If so, you're in the right place. Traps are an essential tool for any player who wants to survive and thrive on the island, as they allow you to catch animals and fish for food, gather resources, and protect your base from dangerous mutants and cannibals that roam the area.

This guide will discuss all the different types of traps in Sons of the Forest, including the Small Animal Trap, Fish Trap, Bird Trap, and Bone Maker Trap. We'll provide step-by-step instructions on how to craft each trap and how to place them in strategic locations for maximum effectiveness in Sons of the Forest. So, let's start this exciting journey of survival and adventure.

All Traps In Sons Of The Forest & How To Make Them

how to make and place traps sons of the forest
Go to the 'Traps' tab in the Guide Book to craft and place it in-game. (Picture: YouTube / Gamer Tweak)

In Sons of the Forest, five traps are available for players to craft and use. These traps are the Fly Swatter, Bone Maker, Bird, Fish, and Small Animal Traps. The materials needed for each will vary and can be crafted in the "Traps" tab of the Guide Book. Once selected, you can choose a suitable spot to place the trap, rotating it left or right by pressing Q and R, respectively.

Once the trap is set, you must add the required building materials for it to become functional. Below, we've specified the necessary resources to craft each trap, which you can get your companions Kelvin or Virginia to gather for you. You must remember to check your traps for any fauna you may have caught so that you can harvest the raw materials. Afterward, you can reset the trap by pressing and holding E.

Small Animal Trap

One of the easiest traps to build in Sons of the Forest is the Small Animal Trap. It requires only 14 Sticks, making it a quick and accessible option for players who need to catch small critters like ducks, rabbits, or squirrels for resources such as meat or feathers. The trap is a small cage held up by a stick that drops, locking the animal inside once it triggers the trap's mechanism.

Fish Trap

Another simple and effective trap that you can craft in Sons of the Forest is the Fish Trap. While it requires a few more Sticks than the Small Animal Trap - specifically, 25 Sticks - it's still relatively easy to build. As the name suggests, this trap is used for hunting fish and resembles a wooden cage that must be placed in the water. As fish or turtles swim downstream, they will be caught in the box, providing meat, turtle shell, and raw meat once caught.

sons of the forest trap guide
The Small Animal Trap and Fish Traps are the easiest traps to build. (Picture: YouTube / Gamer Tweak)

Bone Maker Trap

Another trap you can craft in Sons of the Forest is the Bone Maker Trap. However, it requires more materials than the other traps we've covered. Specifically, you'll need 2 Sticks, 3 Leaves, 1 Rope, 3 Rocks, and 1 Bottled Vodka to build it. Because of the many materials required for this trap, it can be challenging for some players to craft. In particular, the last ingredient - Bottled Vodka - can be difficult to find (check out our guide to learn about its locations!)

However, if you can gather all the materials, the Bone Maker Trap can be used to hunt large fauna like deer, moose, or other large predators. The trap uses Bottled Vodka to set the captured beast ablaze, so it's best to be careful when building it. As the name suggests, you can use the Bone Maker Trap in Sons of the Forest to gather bones from deceased animals or predators.

Fly Swatter Trap

The Fly Swatter Trap is an effective trap in Sons of the Forest. This trap requires 10 Sticks, 3 Rocks, and 1 Rope to craft. While it may not be as challenging to build as the Bone Maker Trap, it can still be used for catching larger fauna and predators. The trap works a bit like a fly swatter, slamming shut as the victim walks over it (see the video below). With careful placement and a little bit of luck, you can even use this trap to trap mutants and cannibals in the game.

Bird Trap (Skull Lamp)

The final trap we'll discuss in Sons of the Forest is the Bird Trap. While not listed in the Guide Book as an official trap, these structures can be used to gather feathers for crafting arrows by luring birds. To craft a Bird Trap, all you need is 1 Stick, 1 Cloth, and 1 Skull. You can also place Rocks at the base to support the structure. With a few of these traps in place, you can gather feathers for arrows while keeping your base free from pesky birds.

And that's how to make and place all traps in Sons of the Forest! We hope this guide has been informative and helpful in your survival and adventure on the island. We'd like to extend a special thanks and credit to YouTuber Gamer Tweak for their valuable insights and guidance on this topic. With the knowledge and skills you've gained from this guide, you can gather resources, defend your base, and thrive in the wilderness.