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StarCraft 2
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StarCraft 2

Stats Secures GSL Title for Splyce

Kim "Stats" Dae Yeob played spoiler this weekend as he picked up his first Starcraft 2 GSL trophy, with  a 4-2 victory over Eo "soO" Yoon, who lost his fifth GSL final, having yet to hold the trophy. Stats took a fairly quick 3-0 lead in the series with well executed early aggression, leading many to believe that soO's history of defeat in the GSL final had got to his head. A clean sweep was on the cards, however soO finally managed to get a semblance of control over the series, firing back at Stats with two wins of his own, bringing the series within grasping reach. Some thought Stats might have choked, after losing two maps in a row when just one win was needed to secure the trophy. The comeback win for soO was not to be though. Game four saw the two collide at full force, with Stats coming out the victor. His opponent, back into a corner, tried a last ditch attempt breaking the Protoss lines, but perfect Psi Storms from Stats crushed the assault, and forced soO to call out his final "GG" of the series. The win makes it the first major title for Stats since almost a year ago, when he lifted the WCS Korea Season One Cross Finals. Many believe him to be the best in the world, but finally adding trophies to his collection could solidify his position as the number one. His opponent, soO, tastes defeat yet again. The loss to Stats marks his fifth GSL finals defeat to five different opponents, though this was his first final since 2014. Fans also felt his pain, with most praising Stats performance, while also being upset that soO couldn't pick up the victory.