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Capcom punishes Punk for toxic behaviour by automatically sending him to losers bracket in next Capcom Cup qualifier

The EVO finalist will have his work cut out for him in the North America West 2 qualifier after letting his frustration get the better of him in the NA West 1 tournament.
Capcom punishes Punk for toxic behaviour by automatically sending him to losers bracket in next Capcom Cup qualifier

Losing in a fighting game can be rage-inducing, especially if you're as good as Victor "Punk" Woodley, as one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world heavily complained about connection issues after being eliminated by Alex Myers in the North America West 1 Capcom Cup qualifier.

Due to this, and the fact he also directed personal insults at FGC legend and tournament organiser Alex "CaliPower" Valle via Discord, Capcom has decided to punish Punk by sending him straight to the losers bracket in the final NA West qualifier set to be played next November.

The reason for this measure, Capcom explains, is that it would be unfair to prevent Punk from having a chance to earn a spot for the next Capcom Cup by banning him entirely, especially since there aren't many tournaments this year due to COVID-19, however, they believe some sort of accountability is necessary.

punk street fighter V

(Photo: ELEAGUE)

FGC fans have expressed their discomfort at the punishment, as they believe it's unnecessary after Punk immediately apologised to both Myers and Valle, with the last one making a series of tweets expressing his support for the EVO and Capcom Cup finalist.

"I can say the things PunkDaGod said during CPT NA West was disrespectful to me and the organization last weekend. No organizer should be treated this way for hosting events. I know he’s young & has some growing to do, so let’s help each other to progress in this scene."

Punk's sponsor, Panda Global, acknowledged the statement by Capcom but decided to not add further punishment, as they believe the 22-yeard-old reacted accordingly soon after the incident.

"We understand that Punk broke the code of conduct of the CPT due to unsportsmanlike behavior, and that Capcom Fighters needed to punish him according to their rules. However, as Punk showed accountability and growth from his apology, we will not be adding any further punishment."

Punk has confirmed via social media he will take part in the qualifier, looking for a spot in the Capcom Cup, which already has nine confirmed participants, with 11 more to be decided.