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Street Fighter pro Punk rages at connection issues after being eliminated from Capcom Cup qualifier

The Capcom Cup 2019 finalist slammed his pad as Alex Myers took him out of the North America West qualifier after constant connection issues all tournament long.
Street Fighter pro Punk rages at connection issues after being eliminated from Capcom Cup qualifier

With the COVID-19 pandemic still throwing a spanner in any in-person events, esports and the fighting games community have tried to pivot to online formats to various degrees of success, with Capcom's Street Fighter V getting exposed for lacking a good online system during the North America West 1 Capcom Cup qualifying tournament.

Victor "Punk" Woodley, one of the best NA Street Fighter players in recent times, was making his way through the bracket but found himself consistently running into connection issues due to the game's poor netcode and online system.

Punk Street Fighter V

While the official stream did not acknowledge the connection issues, Punk was beside himself after the match ended on his personal channel, throwing his gamepad on the floor, furious at the state of the connection he was forced to play in.

"Bro, they not gonna give him the win, there's no way. Bro, they gotta replay," the 22-year-old complained.

"My man lagged versus Mario, Snake Eyez, he lagged all day," Punk said about Myer's run. "So that's it, they're not gonna say anything!?" he would argue while protesting in the tournament's Discord server.

His trash talk didn't stop there, as he would tell Myers to "stfu" after Alex's emotional tweet celebrating his Top 8 entrance that gave him a shot at making it to the Capcom Cup.

"I know it's online, but when I got tendonitis in late 2017, I thought my career was over. I went through pure hell, physically... and then mentally ridiculed by my peers as I continued to try and travel.. 'Myers confirms'... 'why is he here?'... This is why I'm f**king here," Myers tweeted.

Not all hope is lost for Punk, as there will be one more North America West Qualifier looking to join the eight confirmed players that have already clinched a spot for the ultimate Capcom Competition.

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