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Street Fighter 5
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Street Fighter pro BLK Shadow banned indefinitely by Capcom for raging against opponent

The incident occurred during the South American West 1 qualifiers, with the Chilean player no longer able to compete in any Capcom events.
Chilean Street Fighter pro BLK Shadow will no longer be able to compete in any Capcom related events for the foreseeable future, as the company banned him following an altercation with fellow pro player Jusa, insulting him and the tournament organizers after Shadow was asked to perform an internet test speed.

Capcom shared on social media the determination to ban Shadow for his behaviour "within chat," as the player was harassing Jusa and the organizers during the Capcom Fighters stream on Twitch.

blk_shadow ban
(Picture: Capcom)

The event transpired this past 22nd May, when Jusa and BLK Shadow on the Loser's Round 3 of the South American West 1 CPT 2021 qualifiers. According to a statement made by Hadouken Dojo Gamer, Jusa's sponsor, Shadow has a history of competing in online tournaments with flimsy connections, risking the integrity of his matches.

Capcom has been more strict in recent months when it comes to handing bans, however, they are not exempt from lifting them in case they spot a major improvement from players affected by them, like CeroBlast, who recently had her ban uplifted after she utilized racial slurs live on stream.