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Street Fighter 5
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Street Fighter V: Rose character guide - All special moves, costumes, frame data, and more

The Soul-powered fortune-teller makes her long-awaited debut in SFV as the second DLC character of Season 5, here's everything you need to know to get you started with her.
Street Fighter V's Spring Update is finally here, dropping Rose into the ever-expanding playable roster of warriors, which will receive at least three more characters as part of Season 5.

The fortune-teller boasts some incredible and flashy tools that make her one of the most unique characters in the entire SFV roster, with Capcom showcasing what she's capable of doing with multiple YouTube videos.

Now that we have access to the character, there's a lot of stuff to dig into, so without further ado let's get down to it in this quick guide to get you started.

Rose - Special moves

rose sfv
(Picture: Capcom)

You can get a detailed list of every single Rose move, including her normals on Capcom's page, but we're focusing on the most important ones in her toolkit. 

Rose V-moves

rose v moves
(Picture: Capcom)

Rose has two unique V-Skills. Her Soul Fortune lets her select a Tarot card that acts as a buff for Rose or a debuff for her opponents. Some cards let users gain more meter, others let her deal more damage, and so on.

Her second V-Skill, Soul Satellite, surrounds Rose with two small projectiles that can interrupt attacks or be used to chain more flashy combos paired with EX moves or V-Trigger.

Talking about her V-Triggers, her Soul Dimension adds a bit more utility and mix-up potential to her game, as the teleporting ability can work to surprise your opponent or to follow up a projectile attack with a cross-up.

Her Soul Illusion, a classic Alpha move, brings copies of Rose that follow her every move, allowing for insane lengthy combos and big damage once you manage to hit a nice conversion.

Rose Special moves

special moves rose
(Picture: Capcom)

Rose has a lot of slick-looking moves in her repertoire. Her DP (Soul Bind) is a very cinematic anti-air that sees Rose throw her scarf diagonally upwards into the air, trapping enemies mid-jump. The sad part is the EX version of the move doesn't have invincibility frames against jump-ins, so you better land it or you'll get punished.

Since we're mentioning frames, let's talk about... 

SFV Rose - Frame data, best, and worst moves

Capcom once again provides a comprehensible list of every move's frame data, from startup to active frames and even how V-Triggers affect these, so we recommend you give it a look.

Normals like Standing Light and Medium Punch are easy poke and neutral tools, as they leave Rose at a frame advantage on block (+2). 

Be wary of throwing out specials raw or without knowing they're going to hit, as they're all laggy on block, with her slide in particular curiously enough being laggy on hit as well, so its uses might be more obscure than previous iterations of the character.

SFV Rose - All costumes 

Take a look at all Rose's costumes, again courtesy of Capcom.

Default costume

rose sfv costume

Story costume


Battle Outfit costume

rose costumes

Nostalgia costume

rose costumes

Swimsuit costume

rose swuimsuit