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Why Was Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook And Instagram?

Andrew Tate has officially been banned by Meta from Facebook and Instagram. Find out why and what possibly got him banned.
Why Was Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook And Instagram?

Andrew Tate has been a hot topic for several months following several contentious and sexist claims made during multiple podcasts across Twitch and YouTube. With each shared opinion on social media, his virality continued to ripple through the internet. But has the former kickboxer's remarks finally got the best of him?

On 19th August 2022, tech giant Meta took action by banning Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram, resulting in his account of nearly 5 million followers (including all its content) being taken down. As reported by the BBC, the fighter-turned-influencer was banned from Instagram and Facebook for reportedly “violating [its] policies.”

Why is Andrew Tate banned on Facebook and Instagram?

andrew tate banned facebook instagram
Andrew Tate is banned from Facebook and Instagram. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

It’s uncertain what specifically triggered Andrew Tate's Facebook and Instagram ban; however, it's arguable that his sexist and misogynistic views and apparent dominance on social media platforms are responsible. Meta addressed the ban, stating the former kickboxer was booted because of its policies “on dangerous companies and individuals.” 

Andrew Tate has been sharing highly controversial remarks for a long time now, having been branded a misogynist for multiple "anti-women" rants online. While he addressed this, citing that he doesn't hate women and is merely "stating the facts," his response has not done much to tame the storm.

More recently, the viral internet icon also sparked uproar after being blamed for the sharp uptick in sexist incidents in Australia. Accordingly, multiple schools and teachers across Melbourne, Australia, claimed that Andrew Tate's "toxic" influence was negatively influencing the lives of its male students, promoting sexism and sexual incidents against female pupils in and outside of school environments.

andrew tate banning personal attack
Andrew Tate called the banning a "personal attack." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

In response to the banning, Andrew Tate revealed in a recent Twitch stream with Adin Ross that the booting off Facebook and Instagram was a “personal attack” and that he sees himself as a “positive force.”

It’s hard to say if the influencer will ever return to the social media platforms. But what is certain is that Andrew Tate appears unfazed, stating that the platforms are now “one less thing to look at” when scrolling his phone.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.