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Why Did Andrew Tate Get Kicked Out Of Big Brother 17?

Andrew Tate was infamously kicked off of Big Brother 17 in 2016, but what was the reason? We'll answer that question here.
Why Did Andrew Tate Get Kicked Out Of Big Brother 17?

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion and has recently become somewhat of a viral sensation on TikTok. However, despite his recent virality, many new fans have started learning about the internet star's long list of past controversies, one of which includes Tate being ejected from the popular TV show Big Brother 17 in 2016.

While there has been tons of speculation about the real reason for Tate's abrupt departure from the Big Brother house, the ex-kickboxer recently clarified why he believed he was removed from the show. In this article, we'll discuss fans' theories about why Andrew Tate was kicked off Big Brother 17 and his account of what transpired.

Why Was Andrew Tate Kicked Off Big Brother 17?

Big Brother Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate was kicked off Big Brother 17 in 2016. (Picture: Latest Game Stories)

After Andrew Tate was suddenly ejected from Big Brother 17, fans began to speculate that the reason was related to a video of Tate that surfaced online, showing him whipping a woman. Others suggested that it was because of actions behind the scenes in the house. 

In 2016, a spokesperson from Channel 5, which broadcasts Big Brother, told Heatworld that Andrew "was not removed because of his actions inside the house." They also confirmed that he was not removed for the video of him whipping a woman; instead, he was removed for "information which came to light."

However, in a recent TikTok video, Andrew Tate claimed that he was, in fact, removed for what he said in the house. "I sat everyone down and told them they're all snakes," Tate explained. "They had a mental breakdown that I'd been watching them on a monitor from the other house, whining about each other."

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According to Tate, five house members became aggressive toward him after hearing about what he had been doing with his strategy. As a result, the producers of the show became worried that a physical altercation was bound to happen with the rising tension.

Accordingly, the producers asked Tate (a professionally-trained fighter) for a guarantee that in the event of a fight, he would wait for the security involved; however, he insisted he would defend himself.

Andrew Tate big brother 17 2016 why was tate kicked
Andrew Tate clarified that he was kicked from Big Brother 17 because of the things he said. (Picture: Esports News UK)

"If any of these men touch me, I will annihilate them. That's my narrative. That's my imperative to self-defense. If these idiots can't control themselves and they're upset that I came in and made their stupid little girlfriends run away, then that's their f*cking issue," Tate said.

Tate further explained that the producers became uncomfortable given that the chance of a physical altercation on a "long-enough timeframe" was 100%. So ultimately, the producers decided to either remove five "emotionally unstable" children from the house or Andrew Tate. In the end, they went with Tate. 

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