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How Did Andrew Tate Get Rich And Is He Really A Trillionaire?

There's no denying Andrew Tate is super wealthy, but how did he achieve his riches? Also, is he the trillionaire he claims to be?
How Did Andrew Tate Get Rich And Is He Really A Trillionaire?

Andrew Tate has amassed millions of fans and haters since surging in virality this year; in the process, he's also accumulated substantial money throughout his life. But, he didn't always live a luxurious life of private jets, sparkling water, and flashy Bugattis.

On the contrary, the viral TikTok sensation grew up reasonably poor and cultivated his wealth only after leaving professional combat as a four-time world champion kickboxer. It took Andrew Tate trial and error to become the alleged trillionaire he claims to be.

But how did Andrew Tate get rich, and what’s his form of money generation? The former kickboxer discusses his business, Hustler’s University, and everything in between that’s helped him become rich. Here's how his company has impacted his life.

How Does Andrew Tate Make Money?

andrew tate is multi millionaire
Andrew Tate is a multi-millionaire. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Beyond Andrew Tate taking over social media with his controversial takes, he’s arguably a pretty good businessman. Despite flaunting his cash to millions of people, which many of us broke peasants would find extremely provoking, he’s certainly earned his keep.

Much of Andrew Tate's money stems from his hard work, determination, and efforts as a business owner and influencer. But how did Andrew Tate get rich, and is he really a trillionaire, surpassing the likes of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? That’s all questionable.

First, it goes without saying that Andrew Tate’s primary income source is his online business, Hustler’s University, which the controversial influencer runs with his brother, Tristan Tate. For the uninitiated, Hustler’s University is an online program that sells a range of courses on making money, getting with women, and connecting with other business-like-minded individuals.

hustlers university courses money women connection
Hustler's University features courses on making money, getting women, and connecting with people. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Hustler’s University is a limited availability program; this means that people wanting to join must pass tests and pay ($50) to enter. The business model works off an affiliate marketing system, allowing members to profit from marketing Hustler’s University to other potential buyers. In this regard, critics have slammed the business structure, citing that Hustler's University is a pyramid scheme;

Regardless, members help proliferate sales by sharing Andrew Tate's content and marketing the courses on his behalf through social media and other forms of multimedia. So, Andrew Tate's program is a self-generating business that brings in large amounts of cash, presumably millions.

Is Andrew Tate A Trillionaire?

andrew tate claims world first trillionaire
Andrew Tate claims he's the "world's first trillionaire." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Andrew Tate has made many outrageous claims, including knowing that the Earth is round because he's seen it from outer space. However, perhaps more outrageous are claims about Andrew Tate's net worth.

In a Twitch live stream with Adin Ross, the ex-kickboxing champion discussed the timeline of his financial success. The influencer stated, “I was broke for a long time. I made my first million [dollars] when I was 27 [years old], and then I had a hundred million [dollars] by the time I was 31 [years old].” Andrew Tate continued, “I became a trillionaire quite recently [...] the world’s first trillionaire.”

Although believing Andrew Tate’s net worth to be over a million is lightweight, one hundred million at most is somewhat believable. To be fair, Andrew Tate could be a trillionaire, although we don't think he meant a U.S. dollar trillionaire.

Instead, Andrew Tate is supposedly worth more than $250 million. But even at that record, that’s still an immense amount of money for his (or anyone's, really) pockets. So despite being one of the most talked-about persons worldwide (not for all the best reasons), people have to hand it to him for being a good businessman.

Here’s a short clip of Andrew Tate explaining his business and the profit and knowledge received by joining Hustler’s University.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.