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Bella Poarch Fights Grimes In 'Dolls' Video Featuring Top YouTube Stars

Bella Poarch's newest 'Dolls' music video see her fighting Grimes and features YouTube superstars Dream, Ludwig, Valkyrae, and more!
Bella Poarch Fights Grimes In 'Dolls' Video Featuring Top YouTube Stars

TikTok superstar Bella Poarch, once again, blew away the world with her latest music hit. On 15th July 2022, the pop star debuted her newest single, Dolls, featuring notable celebrities and internet personalities, including Bella’s closest friend, Grimes, which she fights in an epic battle.

The Filipino-American multimedia celebrity and singer-songwriter released the music video for her catchy track on YouTube and follows the story of Build a B*tch — a song grossing nearly half a billion views since its initial release in May 2021.

At writing, Bella Poarch's music video for Doll has already amassed two million views, taking it to fourth place on YouTube’s trending music after only a day of premiering. The song continues Build a B*tch’s narrative and features more celebrities and streaming personalities portraying characters.

Besides herself, the music video starred popular music artist Grimes and multiple internet icons like Dream, Valkyrae, Chloe Cherry, Ludwig, Mizkif, Hasanabi, Sykkuno, Larray, Miyoung, Bretman Rock, and Madison Beer.

What Does Bella Poarch’s Latest Song 'Dolls' Mean?

what is Bella Poarch dolls song about female empowerment
Bella Poarch's music video Dolls exemplifies female empowerment. (Picture: YouTube / Bella Poarch)

Build a B*tch (premiered 14th May 2022) was centered around girl-power, about men who expect women to be perfect Barbie dolls designed for them. Accordingly, the music video was designed in a way where women are represented as bionic Barbies, crafted perfectly for their male customers. But these female androids grew sentient and refused to bow down to the one-sided standard men seek, resulting in all hell breaking loose.

Bella’s newest video, Dolls, followed this narrative and showed the singer and her companions fighting the people who seemed to have started the business of making bionic women. But, ultimately, Bella goes face-to-face with the man behind the entire system, portrayed by enigmatic Minecraft icon Dream.

However, she’s eventually stopped by another android who’s programmed to protect him. Their battle ends as the bionic female protector (portrayed by Grimes), and Bella finds out the rest of the female fighters are losing and getting captured or shut down by the opposing force.

Generally, both songs focus on unrealistic ideals men possess over women to which females have to live up to expectations. It’s centered around appearance and generally appealing to men one-sidedly. 

For a superstar like Bella Poarch, who’s not a stranger to the limelight, facing harsh judgment from others for her appearance as a Tiktok influencer and music artist is something she’s realized and characterized through Build a B*tch and Dolls. 

bella poarch dolls music video build a bitch grimes, sykkuno, valkyrae, build a bitch, dream, ludwig, mizkif
Bella Poarch fights Grimes in her latest music video, Dolls. (Picture: YouTube / Bella Poarch)

Notably, Bella Poarch wasn’t always a fantastic music artist. Before she became a sensation, she mainly posted on Tiktok, later achieving stardom status after one of her videos went viral in 2020. She also faced a lot of racism in her life. 

In an interview with Vogue UK, Bella Poarch revealed she was called “ling-ling” growing up by kids for the way she looked. Because she was Asian, she faced random assaults and attacks, which still haunt her. Bella states, “These attacks can change your life – it can change the way you perceive, value and pursue life. To this day, I suffer from clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety and PTSD as a result of my attack.”

who is bella poarch tiktok superstar
Bella Poarch joined the Navy at age 17 before becoming a Tiktok celebrity. (Picture: Instagram / Bella Poarch)

It’s no joke the severity and serious battles Bella has gone through in her life, but her songs continue empowering women and others today. Her latest song embodies the capability women can achieve, and no matter what your cultural or ethnic background is in the world, if you believe in your goals and vision, you can impact the lives of many. 

Feel free to check out Bella’s seriously great pop song below.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Bella Poarch.