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Twitch Streamer DariusIRL Permabanned For "Sexually Explicit" Meme Video

Twitch streamer DariusIRL hit back at Twitch after receiving a permaban for streaming a meme video deemed too sexual for the platform.
Twitch Streamer DariusIRL Permabanned For "Sexually Explicit" Meme Video

On 13th July 2022, Twitch streamer DariusIRL was hit with an indefinite suspension after streaming video content branded too "sexually explicit" for the platform. This ban came just days after the streamer successfully appealed a different permaban for using hate speech (i.e., the N-word) on stream despite being half black himself.

While it seems Twitch might have it out for him, this didn't stop Darius from taking to Twitter to slam the Amazon-owned company for its inconsistent and unfair ruling, pointing to far worse incidents of sexually suggestive and provocative content plaguing the platform.

Twitch Bans DariusIRL For 'Sexually Explicit' Meme Dance

twitch streamer dariusIRL permabanned streaming sexually suggestive content
Twitch streamer DariusIRL hit back at Twitch on social media after being permabanned. (Picture: YouTube / DariusIRL)

In a Tweet on 13th July 2022, Darius lambasted the Amazon-owned streaming service, claiming that other streamers "have dedicated a** cams when they do yoga." Yet, when he plays a 3-minute meme video of "[five] men doing a stupid f*cking meme dance," he gets permabanned for streaming "sexually explicit content."

"These algorithmic bans are so ridiculous; please look into solutions, [Twitch]," the streamer added. Further in the thread, Darius drew attention to a recent stream by Twitch hot tub streamer Emma Layne entitled "bra-less cooking" and sarcastically noted how the video was "definitely not sexually suggestive at all."

"There is definitely room for interpretation! It's like even if she is banned, she has a Partner Manager that she can communicate with and talk to directly about her ban," Darius explained before adding that his only hope would be to get his voice out on Twitter.

dariusIRL twitch streamer permaban sexually explicit content
DariusIRL highlighted the irony of Twitch hot tub streams not getting banned for sexually suggestive content. (Picture: Twitter / DariusIRL)

While this certainly isn't the first time Twitch has been criticized for unfair moderation practices, Darius maintains that perhaps the platform simply isn't for him. Commenting on the video he was watching, Darius noted that the intention was "literally to laugh"; contrary, to provocative hot tub streamers, where the purpose is for viewers to "just observe her f*cking body."

We've embedded the video that Darius was watching for additional context, so you can make your own assertions about whether it was indeed sexually suggestive content or not.

Still, with morale low, Darius is hopeful that Twitch will hear his plea and restore his account as they have done previously. However, the streamer added that in the event he gets unbanned, he will "heavily reconsider continuing to stream again."

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Featured image courtesy of Darius IRL via Twitter and YouTube.