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Best TikTok Songs 2022 - Trending Music Hits Right Now

Here's our list of the top trending, most viral TikTok songs of 2022, including songs you've probably heard but don't know the names of.
Best TikTok Songs 2022 - Trending Music Hits Right Now

TikTok is arguably the most influential video-sharing platform when it comes to generating overnight song virality. Since its launch, TikTokers have created different dance or video trends using both popular and less-known music from around the world.

As a result, TikTok has unlocked new unexplored musical genres and viral songs. While you might know some of the more popular hits, you've likely also wondered, "what song is that?" If this is you, you'll undoubtedly appreciate our list of the top trending TikTok songs and the trends that made them famous.

Top Trending TikTok Songs List 2022 - Best Viral Hits

popular trending songs tiktok playlist 2022
Do you recognize any of these songs from TikTok? (Picture: Unsplash)

We've tried our best to isolate some of the best, most recognizable songs on TikTok right now (in no particular order). Of course, you might not agree with our selection, and that's okay. We've also included a more comprehensive list of honorable mentions further down in the article.

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

Kate Bush's hit song Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) has gone viral on TikTok after being featured in the acclaimed Netflix Original series Stranger Things 4: Vol 1. Despite being nearly four decades old, the song quickly surged to the top spot on the UK Single Charts.


Happy 1 week✨❤️

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

After the show aired, many users used the song in the "Which Stranger Things Character Are you" trend on TikTok, like the one featured above.

I Wanna I Wanna Ride

The "I Wanna Ride" song is a remix of Vegas by Joseleine Hernandez and became a hit trend in April 2022. The lyrics, "I wanna ride," is an innuendo for sex, and videos using the song were often accompanied by an edited fish-eye filter and various provocative cutscenes.

My Money Don't Jiggle Jiggle

British-American presenter Louis Theroux became a viral sensation for his TikTok rap; My Money Don't Jiggle Jiggle -- another well-aged song released roughly two decades ago.

@dukeandjones My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds 💯💰 #louistheroux#ameliadimoldenberg#chickenshopdate#autotune#remix#fyp♬ Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

The rap was made as a joke for the BBC Two show Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, which includes a lesser-known second verse that you can watch in his new Life on Edge docuseries.

About Damn Time

Lizzo's more recent hit, About Damn Time, became super popular on TikTok's er, more provocative side; aptly dubbed TikThot or ThotTok. You can see what I mean in the TikTok compilation video below.

Heat Waves

Glass Animals' Heat Waves song took 59 weeks to break the mainstream music scene, all thanks to TikTok. Interestingly, the Oxford quartet was stunned to learn their song hit the top spot on the Billboards Hot 100 songs list after nearly failing their musical career.

@jeandre.jvr I felt so bad 😂 #xyzbca#viral#ometv#fyp♬ Heat Waves - Glass Animals

While there is a variety of different use-cases of the song on the app, perhaps the most popular (and downright savage) is the "emotional damage" prank by TikTok user Jeandre (see above).

As It Was

Over 2.1 million videos were created on TikTok using Harry Styles' As It Was song. Again, the music was used in many different cases but was most popularly used in illustrating life before and after the coronavirus pandemic. In other circles, the As It Were Trend showed body transformations.

@madrosepie this hurts a little more than it should #asitwas #2022 #2019 #2021 #2020 #ouch #covid #trending #fypシ ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

Notably, Harry Styles' Late Night Talking song also became a hit on TikTok, albeit featured in far less depressing videos.

Middle of the Night

The Middle of the Night by Elley Duhé became a sensation in the "Hero or Villain" trend on TikTok, featuring a cartoon video edit using the Prequel app. As the trend's name suggests, TikTokers could reveal whether they would be a hero or villain in a make-believe superhero movie version of life.

Full List of Trending TikTok Songs in 2022

These are some other songs that were super popular this year thus far. You might not recognize all of these songs at first glance, but you've definitely heard them (trust)!

Note: We may have left out a few songs (sorry!), but we hope you'll forgive us.

  1. Industry Baby - Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow
  2. STAY - The Kid LAROI ft. Justin Bieber
  3. Wait A Minute! - Willow
  4. Enemy - Imagine Dragons ft. JID
  5. Sunroof - Nicky Youre ft. Dazy
  6. Meet Me At Our Spot - The Anxiety
  8. Woman - Doja Cat
  9. Glimpse Of Us - Joji
  10. Love You So - King Khan & BBQ Show
  11. Paris - Else
  12. She Share Story - Yui Yamaguchi
  13. Love Nwantinti (ah ah ah) - Ckay
  14. Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose
  15. Ive Nightcore (Peace & Love) - Kpop Nightcore
  16. Woo - Rihanna (Simp For Me)
  17. Steven Universe - L.Dre
  18. Oh No - Kreepa
  19. Angeleyes - ABBA (Sped Up)
  20. Kream - Iggy Azalea ft. Tyga
  21. Pusse Pusse Juicy Juicy
  22. Do Ya Like x Resonance Mashup

And that's it. If you enjoyed this list, let me know by contacting me via my author page or following me on Twitter.

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Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.