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Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas making fun of his Tourette's and TikTok takes it down

After taking a break from TikTok, Ethan Klein returned to the popular platform, sort of. He recently posted a TikTok of himself reacting to compilations of Trisha Paytas making fun of his Tourette's Syndrome, and in an odd move, TikTok removed the post.
Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas making fun of his Tourette's and TikTok takes it down
Ethan Klein has a large online following for his YouTube page with his wife, Hila Klein. He also has a niche for ultra-popular reaction videos, as his comedic style is very conducive to the TikTok platform. The duet-style video feature makes it great for him to co-commentate and react to all types of content.

While he has been running a successful podcast and YouTube channel, he hasn't been posting on TikTok, until recently. Ethan returned to the platform to make a duet post of himself reacting to Trisha Paytas.

The video of Trisha is a compilation of her making fun of Ethan's Tourrette's Syndrome, while it's troubling content to hear some of the things Trisha says, that's not the worst part.

Ethan Klein H3h3 trisha paytas tourettes
Trisha Paytas was on Jordan Belfort's podcast and spoke disparagingly of Ethan's Tourettes. (Picture: H3H3)

TikTok removed the video from their platform, and Ethan seems as confused as the rest of us.

This incident is just the latest in their public falling out, having once hosted the popular podcast, Frenemies, together, their relationship was effectively over when Trisha left the show with both accusing the other of acting in bad faith.

Ethan Klein Hila Klein
The creators behind the h3h3productions channel on multiple media platforms. (Picture: h3h3productions)

YouTuber Ethan Klein reacts to Trisha Paytas compilation

The video posted to Ethan Klein's TikTok page is just over two minutes long and features multiple clips of Trisha Paytas. Trisha is seen on multiple podcasts and platforms discussing Ethan Klein, her former co-host, and the fact that he has Tourette's Syndrome.

The TikTok was Ethan's first in weeks, and this is not by mistake. Klein said himself that he doesn't post on TikTok anymore, in a tweet where he addressed the video. Klein posted a screenshot of his TikTok page with the video removed, and not by his own doing.

TikTok removed the video from Klein's account on the grounds of "hate speech" which doesn't make much sense if the subject of the speech was himself.

It will be interesting to see if TikTok or Klein comment further on the post. Klein said himself he still loves TikTok, but this definitely seems to be a questionable move from the platform.

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Featured image courtesy of H3H3.