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H3H3's Hila finds out she's pregnant with second child live on podcast

The power couple has been putting in work and decided to share the announcement live with their fans.
YouTube sensations Edward "H3H3" Klein and Hila Klein have announced they are expecting a newborn with the shocking reveal happening live during the H3 After Dark podcast.

Following the birth of the couple's first baby back in 2019, a new member will become a part of the H3H3 crew in just a few months.

Hila explained that after doing a blood test, the results came with high levels of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), with the doctor calling her "super pregnant" over text.

h3h3 baby
(Picture: H3H3)

The reveal came right at the end of the latest H3 After Dark podcast, with Hila texting her doctor as she thought "the show was about to end." 

You can watch the entire podcast down below:

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