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Joe Rogan Says TikTok Terms Of Service Lets China Have All Your Data

In Joe Rogan's latest podcast, he claimed the TikTok Terms of Service agreement is "wild" and steals all its users' private data.
Joe Rogan Says TikTok Terms Of Service Lets China Have All Your Data

Nowadays, it isn't unusual for social media apps to collect private data while you scroll, tap, or watch videos. Recently, Joe Rogan, UFC commentator and JRE Spotify podcast host, was stunned after interrogating the TikTok Terms of Service, which he says “lets China have all your data.”

This came during a 26th July 2022 discussion on JRE #1847 featuring Theo Von, where the two discussed the addictive and globally-recognized platform. In the podcast, Joe detailed the fine print of the company's service agreement that users must sign before using the social media app and essentially forfeit their private data.

Joe Rogan Says TikTok ‘Steals All Your Data’

Joe Rogan experience JRE podcast theo von tiktok user privacy data
Joe Rogan is an American podcaster who discusses politics, drama, news, and more on his show, The Joe Rogan Experience. (Picture: YouTube / Joe Rogan)

At this point, there probably isn’t any social media platform that doesn’t at least take some of its user's information. It’s partially how these companies can create targeted ads and sell products or services much more successfully. From the time spent watching a video to the recently liked images, posts, or clips, even what users say aloud can be registered by social media platforms.

But Joe Rogan revealed that TikTok might be stepping the boundary of just suggesting personalized ads or content as users scroll. Accordingly, Joe Rogan highlighted the various information TikTok collects, including users' IP address, phone model, device system, network type, apps, and even file names; this means the app can read pretty much all the content on users' phones.

Not only that, but TikTok can also read your keystroke patterns or rhythms, meaning the platform is “monitoring your keystrokes, so they know everything you type.” The social media app can also “use other computers you’re not using to log into TikTok, and they can suck the data off [your other logged-in devices].” Joe Rogan noted how “wild” TikTok’s privacy agreements were and stated, “[it all] ends with China having all your data.”

joe rogan tiktok terms of service wild china steal data
Joe Rogan states the amount of private data TikTok collects from users is "wild." (Picture: YouTube / Joe Rogan)

The podcaster discussed a little more about the privacy agreement and how important it was for users to realize how massive the hole leaking their private data was while using TikTok. Finally, Joe Rogan ended the discussion after discussing China's enormous growth and power over the world and the country’s astounding accomplishments, like a replicated version of Paris in Tianducheng, China.

Feel free to watch the entire episode of the Joe Rogan's Experience podcast below. (Note: You must be subscribed to Spotify)

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Joe Rogan.