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Vsauce's Old YouTube Videos Are Definitely 'Saucy'

Twitch star xQc recently discovered YouTube channel Vsauce's oldest "saucy" video content, which is the polar opposite of family-friendly.
Vsauce's Old YouTube Videos Are Definitely 'Saucy'

Everyone has a past, albeit some more embarrassing than others. However, in the case of YouTube sensation and educational content creator Michael David Stevens (best known as the creator of Vsauce), it certainly seems to be the latter.

On 16th July 2022, Twitch superstar Felix "xQc" Lengyel deep-dived more than twelve years into Vsauce’s video post history. To his amazement, xQc might’ve found the explanation behind the YouTube channel's intriguing name after discovering provocative clickbait videos that appeared anything but family-friendly.

Twitch Star xQc Stunned After Discovering Vsauce's Past

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Vsauce's current videos are quite informative and educational. (Picture: Vsauce / YouTube)

As you might already know, the YouTube channel Vsauce is known for its educational content. Indeed, the channel explores an array of topics, ranging from the intricacies of space to psychology.

As a result, Vsauce is widely regarded a channel where one can learn about the intricacies of day-to-day life and how to improve it. But in a recent trip back into the past, Vsauce might’ve not always been the family-friendly educational channel fans know now.

During a recent Twitch live stream, xQc scrolled through the YouTuber’s videos, sorting the videos from oldest to newest, unveiling the earliest videos uploaded by Vsauce.

Surprisingly, xQc found a lot of provocative and alluring content with YouTube banners of scantily-clad women in blush-inducing poses. Mostly taken from games or anime, it seems Vsauce’s content was pretty “saucy” over a decade ago.

xQc's reaction pretty much says it all: WTF.

Vsauce’s older content was much more unhinged and clearly targeted a more passionate demographic on the platform. It also might explain the YouTuber's name, considering a lot of the content is quite saucy.

Vsauce old videos aren't family-friendly.
Vsauce's old videos are all quite provocative. (Picture: Vsauce / YouTube)

At the very least, Vsauce remained educational throughout its YouTube career, albeit not in the most conventional sense. Most of the channel's older content targeted gamers or anime-lovers through content about the internet’s weirdest and most s*xually-focused games, comics, or anime series. 

Here are a handful of titles and the general reason for the video:

These are only a few titles and videos Vsauce produced more than a decade ago. Countless other content across the YouTube channel features blurred-out body parts, perfectly-framed angles, and generally busty women.

Obviously, Vsauce's brand has changed now, and it is featured on YouTube Learning for his more family-friendly videos. Still, it's quite interesting how sharp a turn the content creator took to reach his current peak.

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Featured image courtesy of Vsauce and YouTube.