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YouTuber IShowSpeed Gets Head From Girlfriend In Minecraft Stream

YouTuber iShowSpeed pushed the boundaries of what's possible in Minecraft after getting a BJ from the mod Jenny. We're not laughing.
YouTuber IShowSpeed Gets Head From Girlfriend In Minecraft Stream

Update on 23rd July 2022: iShowSpeed has received a YouTube Community Guidelines strike and has been temporarily banned from streaming on the platform. He also claims internet reporter Jake Lucky has a vendetta against him. Read more here.

Original story continues: YouTube content creator Darren “iShowSpeed” Watkins is known for his unique sense of humor and unusual behavior on stream, which most fans describe as comedically erratic and is arguably a significant factor explaining his success. However, in his latest stream on 21st July 2022, he might’ve pushed his antics a bit too far.

During the stream, iShowSpeed played Minecraft with the Jenny mod installed, which most viewers wouldn’t call age-appropriate. Regardless, the YouTuber spawned a Minecraft girlfriend to companion him on his adventures. But, it turns out his in-game girlfriend did a lot more than just stack blocks or craft wooden swords.

IShowSpeed Minecraft Stream Quickly Turned Explicit

IShowSpeed Minecraft stream jenny mod girlfriend
IShowSpeed raised eyebrows during his recent Minecraft Livestream. (Picture: YouTube / Live Speedy)

IShowSpeed put on an interestingly odd show during his stream in front of ninety-thousand-plus viewers, where he proceeded to engage in s*xual behavior with the in-game fictional character. This incident occurred after several minutes of vein-popping shouting and barking; it's safe to say that iShowSpeed pushed the boundaries of what Jenny could do in Minecraft. 

Accordingly, iShowSpeed revealed three options of subversive activities with which he could engage with the modded mob Jenny: undressing, giving head (or bl*w job), and engaging in intercourse. In each case, the spawn required a form of payment: Emeralds, Gold, or Diamonds.

ishowspeed minecraft stream explicit jenny mod blow job BJ
IShowSpeed's known for his erratic behavior, but this stint arguably went too far. (Picture: YouTube / LiveSpeedy)

As you may have guessed, he chose to receive head, blocking out his game view, stating that he couldn't show the action to young children within his viewership.

Despite this, iShowSpeed continued alternating between showing his viewers what was happening and blocking the screen. In the end, the streamer eventually showed his viewers the more inappropriate side of the act, which was indecent for younger viewers to witness.

In a Twitter post, Jake Lucky gave his two cents on iShowSpeed’s actions.

IShowSpeed is known for his outrageous antics and bizarre personality online, but his recent stream doesn't reflect positively given his large following of children and teenagers.

Knowing at least ninety-thousand people watched him receive head in Minecraft, of which presumably a significant majority were underaged, shows how some creators can’t seem to understand the purpose and reason behind family-friendly content on YouTube.

Here's the YouTube video if you're interested in seeing what happened during the stream (Update: The stream has been removed by YouTube)

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / IShowSpeed.