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PewDiePie Slammed For Allegedly Mocking Deaf TikTok Creator

YouTube legend and streamer Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is under fire for "mocking" a deaf TikTok content creator in a recent video.
PewDiePie Slammed For Allegedly Mocking Deaf TikTok Creator

Legendary YouTube creator and streamer Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is one of the most famous icons on the platform, with over 111 million subscribers. So, it’s no surprise his videos achieve near-instant virality. However, PewDiePie’s latest reaction video recently exploded, albeit not for the best of reasons.

On 27th July 2022, PewDiePie went viral, not for Minecraft-related streams or some of his humorous LWIAY videos. Instead, the YouTube streamer was blasted for allegedly "mocking" a deaf TikTok content creator. As a result, the king of YouTube has been branded a racist, attracting yet another wave of unwanted controversy.

PewDiePie Canceled For Mocking Deaf TikTok Creator

PewDiePie racist mocking deaf TikTok content creator in YouTube
PewDiePie is under fire after "mocking" a deaf creator on TikTok. (Picture: Instagram / PewDiePie)

In his latest video, entitled “My Dog Cringes At TikToks,” PewDiePie alongside his beloved dog Maya, reviewed some of the more popular TikTok clips and critiqued the content creators. Notably, these videos are usually just for laughs. However, fans weren’t laughing after the YouTube creator came across a deaf creator and mocked their sign language.

Allegedly unbeknownst to PewDiePie, Scarlet “scarlet_may.1” May is a deaf TikToker who made a short video about her experience going through a restaurant drive-thru. Scarlet has long nails, which made clicking sounds when using sign language in the video. PewDiePie found it amusing and mocked the clacking of Scarlet's nails by mimicking the actions and voice using his dog.

@scarlet_may.1 she knows .. 👍🏽 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Scarlet May 🦋

Because Scarlet was also speaking pretty clearly while signing, PewDiePie allegedly didn’t know they were deaf and apologized for his actions right after realizing. PewDiePie stated, “[I] had no clue she was deaf but kinda dumb of me to not realize. Still watching through the clip, I only poked fun at her long nails. The voice I did for my dog is the same voice I've given her for years.”

pewdiepie canceled for mocking deaf tiktoker in youtube video racist
PewDiePie's one of the most influential YouTube creators on the platform. (Picture: Instagram / PewDiePie)

In a TikTok, Scarlet responded, “If you made a mistake, admit the mistake.” Scarlet added, “You don’t just get to mock deaf people who have already been struggling for years with people like you and then go about your day like nothing happened.”

@scarlet_may.1 Replying to @anethepeach we all make mistakes hopefully he learns from this 😊🤟🏽 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Scarlet May 🦋

As of writing, PewDiePie’s response remains the only statement he’s addressed toward his fans and Scarlet. The YouTuber has also edited the main video, removing Scarlet's segment and feature in the thumbnail; still, the damage has already been done.

There are still several clips surfacing across YouTube, with this latest incident adding to PewDiePie's now-lengthy string of controversies, including being branded an antisemite and racist.

Here’s the original cut of PewDiePie mocking Scarlet communicating in sign language.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / PewDiePie.