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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - Myth Rank and All Constellations

Players will be able to improve their character in Tiny TIna's Wonderlands with Myth Rank after the Max Level.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - Myth Rank and All Constellations

The Myth Rank in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is another level progression that begins after Level 40. Of course, Level 40 is the max level that a player can currently achieve. And at the max level, Experience that would have gone towards your level will then begin going to your Myth Rank bar instead.

Each time a new Myth Rank is earned, players will be able to place a point in a Constellation. The Constellations move clockwise so that new quadrants are progressed with each Myth Rank earned. This forces players to put points into all of the Constellations rather than focusing on only one or two.

Each Constellation has 7 stats that points can be spent on. These stats all have to do with unique features surrounding its Constellation.

Druid Constellation

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Druid Constellations Myth Rank
Myth Rank will require players to put points into all of the different talent trees called Constellations. (Picture: Gearbox Software)

The Druid quadrant of the Myth Rank is all about inflicting and improving status damage. This is done via improving companions, increasing your drop rate, as well as lightning damage.

Here are all the different Druid Constellations as well as their effects:

  • Wisdom - Increases Status Damage
  • Companion Damage - Increases the amount of damage your companion inflicts
  • Attunement - Reduces Skill Cooldown Rate
  • Lightning Damage - Increases Lightning Damage
  • Loot Luck - Increase Drop Rate Chance
  • Poison Damage - Increases Poison Damage
  • Ability Damage - Increases damage done by abilities

Archmage Constellation

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Archmage Constellation
Myth Rank will be available once players reach Level 40 in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. (Picture: Gearbox Software)

The Constellation of the Archmage is all about improving elemental damage and increasing magic proficiency. Increases come in the form of cooldown rate reduction, as well as damage increases.

Follow along for all the Archmage Constellations and their corresponding buffs:

  • Intelligence - Reduces Spell Cooldown Rate 
  • Spell Critical Damage - Increases Critical Damage done by spells
  • Spell Critical Chance - Increases the chance of getting a Critical Hit with spells
  • Fire Damage - Increases Fire Damage
  • Frost Damage - Increases Frost Damage
  • Status Effect Chance - Increases the chance of applying Status Effect
  • Spell Damage - Increases Spell Damage

Blademaster Constellation

Blademaster Constellation Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Blademaster Constellations focus mainly on melee combat purposes. (Picture: Gearbox Software)

In the Blademaster Constellation, players will find the means to improve the stats around their melee combat. Melee attacks receive boosts in speed, damage, and crit chance through these constellations.

Here are the critical boosts that will have you smashing up your enemies at point-blank ranges.

  • Strength - Increases Critical Damage
  • Constitution - Increases Max Health
  • Dark Magic Damage - Increases Dark Magic Damage
  • Melee Critical Chance - Increase the chance of getting a Critical Hit with melee attacks
  • Melee Swing Speed - Increase the Swing Speed of melee attacks
  • Melee Critical Damage - Increases the damage done by Melee Critical Hits
  • Melee Damage - Increases Melee Damage

Deadeye Constellation

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Deadeye Constellation
The Deadeye Constellations will improve your aim and ability with guns in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. (Picture: Gearbox Software)

When you put points into the Deadeye Constellation, you’re improving your proficiency with guns. Boosts come through crit increasing, reload speed and fire rate increases, as well as overall damage boosts.

Here are all the Deadeye Constellations and how they will improve your gameplay:

  • Dexterity - Increases Critical Chance
  • Move Speed - Increases movement speed
  • Reload Speed - Increases Reload Rate
  • Magazine Size - Increases Max Magazine Size for guns 
  • Fire Rate - Increase the Fire Rate
  • Gun Damage - Increases damage done by guns

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Featured image courtesy of Gearbox Software.