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V Rising 9 June hotfix update – Server maintenance, fixes and improvements

The latest V Rising hotfix patch update includes a host of fixes and quality of life improvements.
V Rising 9 June hotfix update – Server maintenance, fixes and improvements

V Rising players can sink their teeth into the latest hotfix update available for installation via Steam. Developer Stunlock Studios released patch 0.5.41821 with its accompanying patch notes, highlighting new fixes and improvements made to the game.

The developer also utilized the latest hotfix update to roll out a new feature allowing players to “Confine Cursor to Window.” We have detailed the recent changes outlined in the complete patch notes for the latest V Rising hotfix update.

V Rising 9 June hotfix update – Server maintenance

The V Rising hotfix patch 0.5.41821 was announced by Stunlock Studios on 9th June 2022 via Twitter and was released immediately after the server maintenance period, which concluded at 9 am UTC | 10 am BST.

The developer noted that this latest patch update “is not a forced patch,” as you can install it once you’ve logged into the Steam client. Additionally, they’ve provided patch notes detailing the latest bug fixes and quality of life improvements that arrived in the game.

V Rising 9 June hotfix update – All fixes and improvements

The patch notes include a long list of bug fixes and quality of life improvements and address a myriad of issues affecting the mini-map, lootable chests, and Blood Essense.

Below are the complete patch notes Stunlock Studios has released which the update is available on Steam:

v rising hotfix update patch notes 9 june bug fixes quality of life improvements
A new hotfix update for the survival game, V Rising, is now available for installation. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)
  • Server optimizations for servers with long up times and/or a lot of players.
  • Optimized the map and mini-map on servers with a lot of castles.
  • Added a “Confine Cursor to Window” setting, which will confine the Mouse Cursor to the window when in Minimised/Fullscreen Window mode.
  • Updated the Social Panel: Now, it displays all players connected to the server and their SteamID. We also added text chat muting functionality. Muting is persistent between sessions now.
    • Note: Some players were using the social panel as an in-game radar; this won’t be possible anymore.
  • The Blood Essence Drain Modifier setting should now work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some types of lootable containers (Sarcophaguses, Book Shelves, Drawers, etc.) could get stuck in a looted and hidden state, never to respawn. All currently stuck containers will now respawn.
  • Castle Hearts now count as any floor type and can be incorporated in specialized rooms to still grant floor bonuses to stations/structures within the room.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some icons in the mini-map to disappear. Now, the icons will always be visible in the mini-map.
  • Servants will now be summoned to their Servant Coffin if locked outside their own castle while not being in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where some servants wouldn’t become available after completing a Hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where Servants would be able to open doors of an enemy castle.

Lastly, the developer thanked community members who assisted them in translating the game since its Early Access release.

Stunlock Studios also announced that they’re released a Crowdin page as a crowdsourcing site where you can continue supporting the game by helping “with the translations” or checking for updates on the translation process for the most requested languages.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.