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V Rising Winged Horror Guide - How To Beat And Unlock Frost Vortex

A guide so vampire lords can defeat the Winged Horror to unlock the Frost Vortex in V Rising.
V Rising Winged Horror Guide - How To Beat And Unlock Frost Vortex

V Rising is full of abilities for power-hungry vampires to collect, and some like the Frost Vortex will require taking out dangerous bosses like the Winged Horror. While some abilities can be a walk in the park to earn, late-game Ultimate Abilities will prove to be a challenge.

The Winged Horror is a level 78 fight, so low-level vampires should probably skip this part of the game and come back with enough levels to contest the beast. You can always join a powerful group and hope for the best, but it's not a guarantee. For those that are geared up and ready to fight at a high level, there are some tips for taking down the massive boss.

Winged Horror boss guide for V Rising

Winged Horror location
Reach the peak in the southeast to start the battle. (Picture: YouTube / Touby_)

Before you unlock anything like the Frost Vortex in V Rising, you'll need to find the Winged Horror. This boss doesn't just freely roam and the encounter won't be random by any means. You'll need to head to the Hallowed Mountains section of the map that is located on the Southeastern border. The high-up section of land is called the Dreaded Peak.

To reach the peak, you'll need some wings to use in one form or another, and you can't simply walk up. Bat Form is the way to reach higher peaks, but you must take on the level 76 boss known as Nightmarshal Styx.

After reaching the peak, you'll find the Winged Horror in an arena-like section. Make sure to have abilities you're comfortable with before engaging the beast. One of the best is the Ultimate Ability called Heart Strike because of the damage and mobility that it provides.

The Winged Horror is going to move a lot and cause a ton of AOE damage on the small arena. Many attacks will leave and bring fire all around the ground, and having a mobility-based strike attack can be a life saver. Having ranged abilities on the side will also make a massive difference.

V Rising - Unlocking the Frost Vortex

Frost Vortex
This Ultimate is fantastic for crowd control. (Picture: YouTube / Touby_)

Reaching the Frost Vortex ability means you've defeated the Winged Horror and you can claim your prize. Just like so many other bosses in the game, extracting the blood of your enemy is the first step to learning powerful new moves. As soon as the extraction is over, loot is dropped and the ability is learned.

In this case, the Frost Vortex is an Ultimate Ability attached to the frost line in your menus. This ability will conjure a frost storm that deals 100% magic damage and pulls enemies in the vicinity towards the centre. It lasts for six seconds and will deal nearly 500% damage by the end of the effect.

We'd like to thank Touby_ for the video on the Winged Horror.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Touby_.