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V Rising Winged Horror: Location, How To Beat & Unlock Frost Vortex

Struggling to beat the Winged Horror in V Rising? Here's the best strategy to unlock the Ice Vortex and claim its Soul Shard.
V Rising Winged Horror: Location, How To Beat & Unlock Frost Vortex

In the sprawling world of V Rising, vampire abilities are plentiful. But some, like the Frost Vortex, are rare, for only the mighty can wield it. This guide explains how to beat the Winged Horror in V Rising, so you can unlock the coveted Frost Vortex ability and claim the Soul Shard. That being said, this Level 78 V Blood Carrier presents a formidable challenge, best reserved for high-level vampires.

Novices should gather strength or seek assistance from powerful allies. However, for those prepared for the fight, we offer valuable tips to take down this colossal adversary. So prepare for an epic clash, exploiting weaknesses and coordinating attacks to claim victory. In this exhilarating battle, power and determination will be rewarded. But enough waffling! The Winged Horror awaits—will you conquer it?

Update on 18 May 2023: We're in the process of updating all our V Rising guides to reflect the changes in the Gloomrot update, starting with the boss guides. In most cases, the guides are still accurate, with the exception of the boss' levels, rewards, and a few spells.

V Rising: Winged Horror Location


The Winged Horror is located in a small exclave of the Hallowed Mountains near the eastern border of the Farbane Woods. More specifically, you can find the Winged Horror in the Dreaded Peak. Unfortunately, this area is inaccessible to players as it sits atop a mountain, with no pathway to reach the top. As such, players will require Bat Form (unlocked by killing Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer) to reach the Winged Horror's lair.

Note: If you're looking for the Soul Shard of the Winged Horror, you'll have to rely on using the Eye of Twilight to pinpoint its position. In most cases, it will be at its lair; however, if other players have slain the beast, the Shard's location will likely be at their Castle. Regardless, you can still attempt to defeat the Winged Horror to unlock the Ultimate Ability: Frost Nova. 

V Rising: How To Beat Winged Horror

After reaching the peak, you'll find the Winged Horror in an arena-like section. Much like other Soul Shard bosses, including Gorecrusher the Behemoth and Solarus the Immaculate, this battle will not be easy. As such, it would be best to prepare yourself for several attempts. Hopefully, this guide will reduce the frequency of your trials and allow you to unlock the Frost Nova Ultimate and Winged Horror Soul Shard in V Rising.

The Winged Horror is a Level 78 boss, so it is advised to have a Gear Score of at least 76+ for this fight. This means you will most likely require a full Bloodmoon Battlegear set, a Sanguine weapon, and a Large Pendant. While this boss isn't as technically challenging as the other Soul Shard bosses, you'll still want to be well-equipped for this fight. That said, the defensive spell Power Surge (unlocked by killing Azariel the Sunbringer) will be incredibly important to remove the Winged Horror's debuffs.


In particular, you'll need to dodge several spells from the Chaos magic school, including a brigade of Chaos Orbs, which inflict a 5-minute long Fire debuff when hit. The Winged Horror also has an Ice ability that inflicts the Chill debuff, which is why using Power Surge is critical in this fight. As a secondary offensive spell, we suggest using Chaos Volley to deal serious magic damage and inflict the Chaos Burn to deal damage over time.

It's worth noting that this is an incredibly mobile boss that deals a ton of AOE damage in a relatively small arena. Therefore, a ranged Crossbow build is probably best for this fight. While you could get away with a Reaper build, maintaining a distance is imperative, especially for dodging the Winged Horror's splintering Crystal Lance attack. Your choice of Travel Ability is completely up to you; however, Veil of Chaos is best because it allows you to teleport twice. Alternatively, Veil of Illusion could work for highly skilled players to return to their previous location.

Finally, the best Ultimate Ability to use in your battle is Heart Strike (unlocked by killing Willfred the Werewolf Chief) because of its damage and mobility. This spell allows you to dash forward and strike enemies in a line, dealing 150% magic damage to the Winged Horror and healing you for 150% of your spell power over 3.5s. In addition, a blood nova erupts when the effect ends, dealing an additional 150% magic damage in an AOE.


Regarding the best Blood Type to use in this fight, you might want to try Scholar or Creature Blood with 50%+ Blood Quality. The Scholar blood will boost spell power, reduce spell cooldowns, provide spell life leech, and give a chance to reset spell cooldowns on cast -- of which are useful for dealing tremendous damage to the V Blood Carrier. On the other hand, Creature Blood is also useful because it provides the boosted movement speed you need to evade the Winged Horror's charges and attacks while providing damage reduction and increased health regeneration.

V Rising: Winged Horror Rewards

After beating the Winged Horror in V Rising, the boss will drop the coveted Soul Shard of the Winged Horror. Well, that's assuming it hasn't already been claimed by another team on your PVP server. Assuming it hasn't, you'll need to walk (yes, walk) this unique item back to your Castle, as it will disable your ability to transform into Wolf Form or mount a horse. At the same time, other enemies with an Eye of Twilight could be made aware of your position, so it's best to transport the Soul Shard as a team to avoid losing it to rival vampires.


But that's not all. After extracting the V Blood from the Winged Horror, you'll unlock the Frost Vortex spell. This Ultimate Ability conjures a frost storm that deals 100% magic damage while gravitating enemy units toward the middle. This blizzard lasts 6 seconds and deals a whipping 480% magic damage to all enemies in the AOE. It also inflicts the Chill debuff, making it fantastic during PVP fights, especially when paired with other Ice spells. And that's it! That's everything about the Winged Horror in V Rising, including its location, rewards, and how to beat it.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Winged Horror: Location, How To Beat & Unlock Frost Vortex FAQ

Where can I find the Winged Horror in V Rising?

The Winged Horror is located in the Dreaded Peak, a small exclave of the Hallowed Mountains near the eastern border of the Farbane Woods.

How can I defeat the Winged Horror in V Rising?

To defeat the Winged Horror, prepare with a Gear Score of at least 76+, use defensive spells like Power Surge, dodge Chaos Orbs, and consider a ranged Crossbow build. Utilize the Ultimate Ability Heart Strike for damage and mobility.

What rewards do I get for defeating the Winged Horror in V Rising?

Defeating the Winged Horror grants the coveted Soul Shard of the Winged Horror. Additionally, you unlock the Frost Vortex spell, an Ultimate Ability that conjures a frost storm dealing massive damage and inflicting the Chill debuff.