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V Rising Sword build - Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

Slice your way through your enemies and bosses with the best Sword build, including the best weapon, abilities, and ultimate in V Rising.
V Rising Sword build - Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

V Rising allows players to create unique builds based on their playstyle, combat needs, and weapon choice. With a great variety of weapons to choose from, whichever you choose to wield reflects the Blood Type, Abilities, and Ultimate that best suits the build.

The Sword is a powerful weapon as it hones in on slicing up enemies and has excellent mobility and flexibility between weapon and Blood abilities. This guide will detail the best sword build in V Rising, including weapon and Travel abilities, Blood Type, Abilities, and Ultimate you need to equip.

V Rising Sword Build – The Best Sword Weapon

A sword is the first weapon type all players can obtain fairly early in the game, as it's the most versatile weapon to own. The Sword boasts a great balance between speed, power, and durability, allowing it to deal slashing physical damage to enemies. In addition, you can give the Sword AoE damage through its weapon skills, which makes it the preferred weapon for PvP.

v rising weapon build sword guide best sword weapon merciless iron sword
You can get the Merciless Iron Sword in the game's early stages. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Specifically, to have the best Sword build, the Merciless Iron Sword is a weapon you can utilize for most of the game's duration. It can be acquired early as the blueprint is an RNG drop from enemies and enemy mobs in the Dunley Farmlands.

The RNG drop can be tricky with the latter as you're not immediately guaranteed to gain a Merciless Iron blueprint. Additionally, you'll only gain one blueprint per completed research, which does need large quantities of Paper. Otherwise, you can obtain it through research at your Castle.

V Rising Sword Build – Weapon and Travel Abilities

The Sword weapon type is ranked relatively high on the Weapons Tier List mainly due to its versatility and high durability, which can be used for most PvP team set-ups. Its primary weapon attack performs a three-hit melee slashing attack which deals 35% / 35% / 40% physical damage to enemies.

v rising weapon build sword guide weapon abilities primary attack
The Sword's primary attacks deal a maximum of 40% physical damage to enemies. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The Sword has two secondary weapon attacks. The first attack is Whirlwind, a swirling slashing attack, dealing 35% damage every 0.25 seconds for 1.1 seconds, with a cooldown of eight seconds. The second attack is Shockwave, a projectile AoE attack that launches enemies upwards. Once recast, it teleports directly to the enemies and performs a three-strike slashing attack, each dealing 25% physical damage.

The Sword's weapon attacks make it the best weapon to equip for PvE and PvP as the Whirlwind is a crowd control-centric skill dealing AoE damage. The Shockwave attack can be used when enemies and bosses try to evade attacks, heal or disorientate them, which pulls you in once recast.

For Travel ability, you can be flexible and equip either Veil of Frost or Veil of Bones. The latter allows you to dash, momentarily going invisible before launching a projectile which deals 25% magic damage and increases their damage takes by 25%.

v rising weapon build sword guide travel ability veil of frost
The Veil of Frost Travel ability produces a shield while dealing 25% bonus damage on your next primary attack. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

The Veil of Frost lets you dash and briefly turn invisible, which produces a shield while your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage. This ability also launches a frost attack that deals 25% magic damage and inflicts a chill status effect on enemies.

V Rising Sword Build – Blood Abilities, Blood type, and Ultimate

For this Sword build to be highly effective in movement speed, critical damage, and flexibility, you'll need to run a few Blood abilities and Ultimates to optimize the build fully. We recommend using the Rogue Blood Type for Blood Type as it boosts your movement speed and grants you chances on critical strikes on weapon attacks and Travel skills.

With the Rogue Blood Type, a handful of Blood abilities run with this build to capitalize on its efficiency while maximizing damage output and high mobility.

  • Wisp Dance: When performed with the Whirlwind weapon attack, you can out damage enemies with magic and slashing physical attacks. If you recast Wisp Dance, you can launch the orbs as projectiles for 50% magic damage, weakening their damage output.
  • Power Surge: This can increase movement speed by 25%, allowing you to keep up with enemies as it purges all negative effects. You can pair it with the Whirlwind weapon skill; however, this build doesn't have a high spell power, making the Wisp Dance a better ability to use.
  • Mist Trance: Will block incoming melee and projectile attacks while turning "non-material," allowing you to teleport once you've blocked an attack. It will reset the secondary weapon attack's cooldown, which is specific for this build; the secondary weapon attack is the Q ability assigned to the Whirlwind skill.

The Wisp Dance ability will allow you to win most trades with enemies if timed well with other skills and abilities. The Power Surge may not have a good attack speed compared to most Blood abilities, but it can give you or a teammate a shield if you didn't equip Veil of Frost as your Travel ability.

Using the Mist Trance with the Whirlwind lets you use the weapon attack, block attacks, dodge towards them before teleporting, and use another Whirlwind. The Mist Trance is incredibly versatile as it allows for various combinations to maximize damage output and avoid incoming attacks.

For Ultimate ability, especially in PvP, the Arctic Leap works best with most of the Blood abilities and Weapon skills for this build. Like the Whirlwind, its crowd control ability allows you to trigger an explosive effect which deals a frost status effect and allows your teammates to deal physical damage once enemies are frozen.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Redlaf for their complete explainer guide to the best reaper build in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.