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V Rising Leather Guide - How to make and construct Tannery

Crafting leather in V Rising requires you to construct a Tannery which is a bit of a tricky task, so here’s an essential guide to making leather in V Rising.
V Rising Leather Guide - How to make and construct Tannery

V Rising is all about farming resources to enhance your stronghold. One of the crafting materials you’ll need in V Rising is leather. In fact, the game will require you to make the leather in the early portion of the storyline. For instance, you’ll need to upgrade the Castle Heart, which is only possible if you have Copper bars and leather in your inventory.

However, V Rising doesn’t tell you how to farm these resources, and leather is no exception. As a result, many players are having a hard time crafting leather in V Rising. With that in mind, this guide explains everything you need to make leather in V Rising along with constructing Tannery.

How to get Leather and construct a Tannery in V Rising

V Rising Blood Altar screenshot
V Rising Keely the Frost Archer boss. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

To make leather in V Rising, you need to construct a Tannery which is only possible after beating the level 20 boss, Keely the Frost Archer. The boss can be found at the Bandit Trapper Fort in the northeast area of Farbane Woods. However, before you face the boss, make sure that your gear level is around 20.

After defeating Keely, you’ll unlock the Tannery building, leather recipe, and a few other materials required to forge leather. A Tannery can be built using eight planks and 160 animal hides.

V Rising Tannery
Constructing a Tannery in V Rising. (Picture Stunlock Studios)

To get animal hide, you will want to visit the eastern areas of Farbane Woods. Upon arriving at the location, you will come across many animals. Eliminate or feed on these animals to get animal hides. After constructing a Tannery, the 16 animal hides stored inside the Tannery will produce one leather unit.

Alternatively, you can also find V Rising leather in bandit chests and enemies' inventory. However, it’s a bit of a time-consuming process, which is why we recommend crafting instead of looting it.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you will require leather for many purposes in V Rising, such as upgrading castles, crafting armors, making crossbows, and more. Hence, make sure that you’ve enough leather all the time in the game.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about crafting leather and tannery in V Rising.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.