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V Rising Vampire Powers: How To Unlock All Shapeshifting Forms

Vampire Powers allows you to turn into one of six different Shapeshifting Forms in V Rising. Here's how to unlock all of them.
V Rising Vampire Powers: How To Unlock All Shapeshifting Forms

Unleash your potential in V Rising with a spectrum of Vampire Powers, each promising a strategic edge in combat, regardless of the PvP or PvE scenario. That being said, your quest to become the most powerful vampire will require unlocking the six coveted Shapeshifting Forms in V Rising: Bat, Bear, Human, Rat, Toad, and Wolf Foms.

These transformation abilities serve as game-changers, offering unique benefits from flight capabilities to terrain navigation, speed boosts, and a plethora of stat resistance bonuses—so enough waffling. Let's delve into how you can unlock these Shapeshifting Forms and dominate in V Rising!

Updated on 28 May 2023: We updated this page to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

How To Get Bat Form In V Rising

v rising bat form

To unlock the coveted Bat Form, you must beat the formidable Level 79 V Blood Carrier, Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, lurking in the Cursed Forest. This boss presents a daunting challenge, and typically, the Bat Form is an endgame acquisition.

Upon unlocking, Bat Form enables you to traverse impassable terrain in Vardoran by effortlessly flying over it. However, it's crucial to be aware that while in this form, you cannot carry resources and are more vulnerable to Sun Damage. As a result, it's advisable to avoid utilizing this form during daylight hours.

How To Get Bear Form In V Rising

bear form v rising

To gain access to the powerful Bear Form in V Rising, you'll need to triumph over the Ferocious Bear boss lurking in the eastern reaches of the Farbane Woods. This Level 35 V Blood Carrier can be effectively subdued using ranged spells, such as Chaos Volley.

Unlocking this Vampire Power will morph you into a Bear, granting you the might to demolish large structures effortlessly. Additionally, the Bear Form enhances your resistance by 25%, boosts your speed by 15%, and improves health regeneration. Furthermore, it reduces the damage inflicted upon you by a significant 25%.

How To Get Human Form In V Rising


Unlocking the Human Form in V Rising requires defeating Bane the Shadowblade a Level 47 V Blood Carrier that roams the roads of Dunley Farmlands. You will also unlock the Slashers weapon class, Veil of Blood (Travel Ability), and the Small Coin Purse (Bag) after defeating Bane.

This form is especially useful for infiltrating human settlements unnoticed. However, maintaining this form comes with a cost - you'll need to consume blood more frequently. In addition, while in Human Form, you can trade with vendors using Coins.

How To Get Rat Form In V Rising


Unlocking the Rat Form in V Rising involves a more complex process, as you'll need to summon the Putrid Rat, a V Blood Carrier that is not directly trackable from the V Blood interface. This is a unique requirement among all V Bosses. First, you'll need to construct a Vermin Nest. Once built, this structure serves as the summoning grounds for the Putrid Rat.

However, you will require these crafting materials: 1x Unsullied Heart and 4x Gravedust. After you've gathered these materials and summoned the Putrid Rat, you must defeat him to unlock the Rat Form Vampire Power. This form provides a stealth advantage, transforming you into a small rat that blends into the environment, making it more difficult for your enemies to detect you.

How To Get Toad Form In V Rising


To unlock the unique Toad Form in V Rising, you must defeat The Duke of Balaton, a formidable Level 64 V Blood Carrier. The Duke resides in the Swamp of Greed, nestled in the northernmost reaches of the ominous Cursed Forest.

Once you've emerged victorious against The Duke, you'll acquire the Toad Form Vampire Power. This form is advantageous as it enables you to navigate difficult terrains such as cliffs and mountains, much like the Bat Form. Furthermore, it can serve as a stealthy means to infiltrate enemy bases.

How To Get Wolf Form In V Rising


Unlocking the Wolf Form in V Rising involves defeating the Level 16 V Blood Carrier, the Alpha Wolf. This boss can be found roaming the Farbane Woods. Due to this boss's relatively low level, the Wolf Form will likely be the first Shapeshifting Form you unlock in the game.

Once you've acquired the Wolf Form, you'll gain the ability to move around the map much quicker, thanks to a 60% bonus to movement speed. You may use a ghostly leap to jump through objects using “Space”. The ability has 2 charges and an 8s cooldown.

And that's all the Shapeshifting Vampire Powers in V Rising! Note receiving damage will interrupt the effect of all Shapeshifting Forms (except Bear Form) and revert you to your normal vampire form.

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V Rising Vampire Powers: How To Unlock All Shapeshifting Forms FAQ

How do I unlock Bat Form in V Rising?

Defeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, a Level 79 V Blood Carrier in the Cursed Forest, to unlock Bat Form. This form allows you to fly over impassable terrain but makes you vulnerable to Sun Damage during daylight hours.

What do I need to do to acquire Bear Form in V Rising?

To obtain Bear Form, defeat the Ferocious Bear boss in the Farbane Woods. This form grants increased resistance, speed, health regeneration, and the ability to demolish structures with ease.

How can I unlock Human Form in V Rising?

Defeat Bane the Shadowblade, a Level 47 V Blood Carrier roaming the Dunley Farmlands, to unlock Human Form. This form allows you to blend in with humans and trade with vendors.

What is the process to unlock Rat Form in V Rising?

To unlock Rat Form, construct a Vermin Nest and summon the Putrid Rat using 1x Unsullied Heart and 4x Grave Dust. Defeat the Putrid Rat to unlock Rat Form, which provides stealth and makes you harder to detect.

How do I acquire Toad Form in V Rising?

Defeat The Duke of Balaton, a Level 64 V Blood Carrier in the Swamp of Greed, to unlock Toad Form. This form allows you to navigate difficult terrain and infiltrate enemy bases.

What do I need to do to unlock Wolf Form in V Rising?

Defeat the Alpha Wolf, a Level 16 V Blood Carrier roaming the Farbane Woods, to unlock Wolf Form. This form grants a significant movement speed bonus, allowing you to traverse the map quickly.