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V Rising Vampire Powers - How To Unlock All Shapeshifting Forms

Vampire Powers allows you to turn into one of six different Shapeshifting Forms in V Rising. Here's how to unlock all of them.
V Rising Vampire Powers - How To Unlock All Shapeshifting Forms

Stunlock Studios' hit vampire survival game V Rising features ten unlockable Vampire Powers, which players can acquire by finding and beating V Blood Carriers. Six of these abilities allow players to transform into creatures (including a human), each offering unique advantages in the game.

Some of these Shapeshifting Forms enable players to fly or scale high-rise areas of the map, move at haste speed, or offer a menu of stat resistance bonuses. This guide details how to get every unlockable Shapeshifting Form in V Rising.

How to unlock all Shapeshifting Vampire Powers in V-Rising

We've described how to get every Shapeshifting Form in V Rising, including Bat, Bear, Human, Putrid Rat, Toad, and Wolf Forms. If you need a more detailed description, follow the link under each section for a more comprehensive guide.

Note: We've listed each form in alphabetical order. So take note of the Gear Score required to take these V Bosses on in battle.

How to get Bat Form

To unlock the Bat Form, you must defeat the  Level 76 V Blood Carrier, Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer, located in the Cursed Forest. This boss is highly challenging, and you will likely only acquire this skill in the endgame.

v rising boss guide nightmarshal styx the sunderer bat form vampire power
You must defeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer to unlock the Bat Form Vampire Power. (Picture: YouTube / Strange Religion)

Once unlocked, you can use Bat Form to scale impassable terrain in Vardoran by flying over it. Note that while you are in this form, you cannot carry resources and will be more susceptible to Sun Damage; consequently, you'll want to avoid flying during the daytime.

How to get Bear Form

To unlock the Bear Form in V Rising, you must defeat the Ferocious Bear boss located in the eastern part of the Farbane Woods. You can easily kill this Level 36 V Blood Carrier using ranged spells like Chaos Volley.

V Rising Bear Form unlock get Ferocious Bear blood carrier boss guide location bear cave farbane woods how to beat tactics gear score items defeat
You can use the Bear Form to destroy Blockades. (Picture: YouTube / MrAtomicDuck)

This Vampire Power will turn you into a mighty Bear, enabling you to destroy large structures. Bear Form also increases resistance (25%), speed (15%), and health regeneration; it also decreases the damage players receive (25%).

How to get Human Form

To unlock Human Form, you must defeat the Level 38 V Blood Carrier, Beatrice the Tailor. You can find this boss in the Dawnbreak Village, located southeast of Dunley Farmlands.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor human form vampire power
In addition to Human Form, Beatrice the Tailor unlocks several useful crafting recipes. (Picture: YouTube / 1 Up Nerdcore)

Once acquired, this Vampire Power will let you turn into a human, enabling you to infiltrate human settlement camps. However, note you will need to consume more blood to remain in this form. Defeating Beatrice the Tailor will also unlock crafting recipes for Hunter's Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn. 

How to get Rat Form

Before you can unlock Rat Form, you must summon the Putrid Rat in the Vermin Nest. Annoyingly, he is the only V Boss in the Blood Altar that you can't directly track.

To build a Vermin Nest, you must gather 360 Stone and 120 Bones. Next, you must summon the Putrid Rat and defeat him; however, you can only do this after gathering the following: 8 Grave Dust, 4 Fish Bone, and 1 Twilight Snapper.

putrid rat boss v rising
Defeat Putrid Rat to unlock the Rat form in V Rising. (Picture: Youtube / GameGuidesChannel)

Once you have unlocked the Rat Form Vampire Power, you can camouflage yourself with the environment by turning into a small rat, making it harder for enemies to detect you. Taking damage breaks the effect.

How to get Toad Form

You can unlock the Toad Form Vampire Power after defeating the Level 62 V Boss, The Duke of Balaton, located in the Swamp of Greed, at the northernmost part of the Cursed Forest.

how to beat duke of balaton v rising
The Duke of Balaton is one of the easier V Blood Carriers to defeat in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / NexxTV)

The major advantage of acquiring Toad Form, much like Bat Form, is that you gain the ability to scale impassable terrains, like cliffs or mountains. You can also use the Toad Form to breach enemy bases this way. Notably, taking damage breaks the effect.

How to get Wolf Form

Lastly, you can unlock the Wolf Form by beating the Level 16 V Blood Carrier, Alpha Wolf, located in the Farbane Woods. This Vampire Power is probably the first Shapeshifting Form you will unlock in V Rising.

Unlock V Rising Wolf Form Alpha Wolf Boss Location how to beat
Defeating the Alpha Wolf can be challenging for players with a low Gear Score. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

In Wolf Form, you can traverse the map quickly by taking advantage of the 45% bonus movement speed. However, like other Shapeshifting Forms, taking damage breaks the effect.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock every Shapeshifting Vampire Power in V Rising.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.