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How to build a Castle Roof in V Rising

The Castle is the heart of your new vampire empire and must be reinforced by building a roof in V Rising. Here's how to do it.
How to build a Castle Roof in V Rising

One of the most fruitful aspects of V Rising is the ability to build and craft in the game. The Castle is the heart of your new vampire empire, and no fortress is formidable unless the structure can be completed by building a roof.

Like many mechanics in V Rising, you will eventually be tasked to build a Castle through one of the many questlines in the game. Indeed, this includes generating a roof, which you can only do once you've gathered the necessary materials. So, here's how to build a Castle Roof in V Rising.

V Rising Building guide - How to build a Castle Roof

V Rising castle walls
Place your reinforced walls to start the structure. (Picture: YouTube / DukeSloth)

The Castle Roof structure isn't actively built like many other available structures in V Rising. Therefore, you will need to assemble other components, namely the walls and floors before, the Castle Roof can be installed.

Before any building starts, you will need the correct tools for use within your Castle. The tools required include a Workbench, a Grinder, and a Sawmill.

Creating most structures in V Rising will require a Workbench to some degree, so you should already have this tool. Otherwise, ensure you've built a Grinder, which will help with Stone, and the Sawmill, which will provide Wood Planks for the builds.

In this case, the two core materials required to assemble the Castle roof will be Stone Brick and Wood Planks. So make sure to have plenty of these. Begin by replacing the palisade walls within the Castle with reinforced walls specifically. These can all be placed near the heart of the Castle in your base.

After you've made a decent formation of reinforced walls, the next step is to place some floors. These floors are important because the structure cannot be complete without everything in the space being enclosed and completed. Therefore, you can place down any floors you deem worthy in any block between the reinforced walls.

V Rising castle floors
You must place the proper flooring before building the Castle Roof. (Picture: YouTube / DukeSloth)

To finish the overall building in that area, you must complete the enclosure with a Reinforced Entrance. You can find an entrance under the Walls category within all the Reinforced options. Placing this in your last block will generate a roof above the structure without any other mechanics.

With the Castle Roof generated, this part of the quest in V Rising will now be complete. Followingly, you can proceed to claim the rewards for completing this quest. Now you can take the next building steps, and your Castle can continue to grow.

And that's all. We want to credit the YouTuber DukeSloth for their guide. Be sure to check out their video below and subscribe if you enjoy their content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.